flying ageless


Flying Ageless: Delta Flight Attendant Inspired Us

"I've been with Delta for 50 years." "What, how is that possible? You would be, what, omg, I don't want to even do the math." She laughed, "I am 72 years old, I started at 22 and it's been the best job on the planet." "You look amazing, I never would have guessed, you have no wear and tear on you." "It's my DNA, my whole family looks young but maybe because I had kids later in life, they have kept me young. My boys are 24 and 22." Again, we were calculating. "You had your kids when you were 52 and 54? I mean that's also incredible." "Yes I did, I had a surrogate both times. You want to see their pictures?" Click here to read more.......