Single Again

Single at Midlife – it can be a frustrating or freeing feeling. Navigating the world of singles again, dating at midlife or even just learning to be alone, finding a way to enjoy it, embrace it, love it? Join the conversation with other Better After 50 women because you are not alone.

Shirley Valentine DVD Cover

A Role Model For Fearless Women… Shirley Valentine Lives On

I first met Shirley Valentine almost 20 years ago. The chatty, quirky, homely heroine in the movie by the same name, she was skillfully portrayed by British actress Pauline Collins. Shirley was a bored, middle-aged housewife who felt life was passing her by. Trapped in a bad marriage and going through the motions, she spent most of her time alone, at home, talking to the wall. Then came act two. And that’s when things got interesting. The drab mother of two grown children ran away from home....