What Women In Their 50’s and 60’s Are Worrying About

Attention Better After 50 women -- are you a worrier? Do you or a loved one you know suffer with anxiety? Well you are not alone. Women in their 50's and 60's are worrying. That's a fact. And, according to Lynn Lyons, it's normal. But the way we worry, ruminate, our patterns of how we deal with our anxiety, has been embedded over the years. In her new book The Anxiety Audit, Lynn talks about identifying our patterns and how to shift them. Lynn's book is incredibly helpful for those of us who are worriers. Women over 50 know their roles are changing and we need to pivot. The tools we used as the key player in our families requires new strategies. Lynn's techniques for dealing with anxiety and worry and RPN, repetitive negative thinking, are simple to understand and incredibly helpful. Please listen in to my interview with Lynn and share with those you love and hopefully this will be helpful to you. Felice Shapiro In Conversation With Author Lynn Lyons...
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Out Of My Comfort Zone: The Thrill Of Saying Yes

Let's face it, as convenient as Zoom is, it’s not the same as in-person meetings. I have dearly missed “Live” workshops. Real  people, real time equals real energy and that's just what happened this week at a writing workshop I ran where I got a full dose. I'm still buzzing from the excitement and novelty of it all. Here's what happened.... Back in July my friend Jill and I were talking about upcoming stuff for this Fall and that's when she asked me if I would like to run a workshop for her YPO group in Boston. My heart started beating fast right there and then....
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Going Gray Affecting Ageism In Workplace? Listen To Lisa LaFlamme’s Farewell To Her Viewers.

During Covid isolation gray hair was trending and rather than the fashion magazines of Madison Avenue setting the hair styling rules of the road, the women have spoken.  The letting go of the coloring and bleaching cycles have given way to a freer and easier look which embraces aging and now the magazines are supporting this shift with women over 50 looking gorgeous with silver hair on their covers.  But what about how gray haired women are viewed in the workplace? When letting the hair go gray affects one's work that is a much much bigger choice. ...