Fashion Over 50

Fashion for women over 50! The best and worst of fashion, what to wear after 50, what not to wear after 50. We’ve got the scoop on fashion over 50, some tongue in cheek humor, and more for fashion conscious women at midlife.


Stylish and Practical Travel Companions for your Next Vacation

Are you traveling to a warm-weather destination this season? Or maybe you have a trip planned to visit family? If so, a new fashionable but also practical carry-on bag or piece of luggage might be in order. From totes that have luggage sleeves (no more stress on the neck and back!) to hands-free bags and stylish puffer jackets that easily pack away when not in use, we have lots of great ideas to help make your next trip even more fun. Read on for my top pics!...

The Sweater Vest Trend For Spring!

This winter season we're snowfalling for the coziest of cool-weather layers — and these stylish sweaters are no exception! Shop our 10 must have staple sweaters and vests for winter 2022! Again, we apologize for the youthful models. We curated these awesome sweaters for you but we don't pick the models and we wish these companies would use more BA50 age appropriate models. That said. These sweaters are for us so try to wrap your head around what they will look like on you.  Our bet is that yellow one is going to go fast....
Kork Ease Tilly Clog $120

New Shoe Trend: The Clog!

Clogs seem to always come around in the fashion cycle, and I am happy to say that they are high on the trend list for 2022. If you have fond memories of living in clogs in the 70's and/or 90's, you are in luck! Until the weather warms up, pair your clogs with denim and a pair of rag socks for warmth. Clogs will also add a casual, hip vibe to a sweater dress and tights. Once the temperatures rise, wear your clogs with almost any outfit - sundresses, skirts, cropped pants, and even shorts. ...