50 shades of gray just got a whole new meaning. Yep, we’re talking about hair! Let’s be clear here, your choice to go gray does not mean you look older. Embracing the gray and rocking it just tells everyone that you’re comfortable and confident being who you are. Don’t believe me? Take it from people who know first-hand. These 11 silver-haired Instagram beauties show us how fabulous gray can be!

Roxanne Gould . 18.6k Followers

Gray hair activist Roxanne Gould makes her gorgeous locks a signature part of her look. She is a designer and model whose Instagram page is full of fashion and beauty advice for other over-50 ladies.

Caroline Labouchere . 47.6k Followers

Fit and fabulous, Caroline’s Insta proves that life definitely does not slow down as you get older!

Lorraine Massey  31.1K followersCo-author of Silver Hair: A Handbook,  Lorraine Massey gives us all of the necessary tips for transitioning to gray. Her thick and curly do shows us that grey looks great on all hair types.

Vicki Bouchard Fashionista and gardener Vicki Bouchard has a floral filled Instagram page that’s almost as beautiful as her stunning silver hair!

Petra van Bremen Model Petra van Bremen shows us how awesome a red lip looks with gray hair. Not only do we envy her hair, we love her style!

Silvina Neder .  11.6K FollowersAnother curly-haired beauty, Silvina empowers us to flaunt our natural hair and have fun with it. Her inspirational Instagram page is all about positivity!

Louise Francesca Kenny Model and yoga teacher Louis Francesca Kenny is taking Instagram by storm, doing yoga poses wherever she can and embodying a fun and fit lifestyle!

Mildred Bean .  22.6K FollowersMildred Bean is a health and beauty influencer whose page is full of advice on how she takes care of and styles her natural silver hair. Whatever she does to her hair, she does right. We love her luscious curly locks!

Dian Griesel .  14.7 K FollowersDian Griesel makes elegance look effortless. We adore her soft silver hair color and fresh-faced beauty looks.

Deborah Chambers .  17.4K FollowersDeborah absolutely rocks her glamorous short cut and makes silver look stunning. Deborah’s trendy and fashion-forward vibe radiates throughout her entire page making her one of our favorite Instagrammers to follow!

Sabine ReichelSay hello to Sabine! Not only do we love her dazzling gray hair, we love that she always knows how to sport a bold lip color with it. She even has a blog about her hair called “Gray in L.A.!

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