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Rainbow hair

You Really Shouldn’t Dye Your Hair

“Your hair’s just like my sister’s!” she cooed, as I entered the salon. “Let’s do a mixture of blonde, brown and ginger!” Who knew that, in London, “ginger” meant pink? (Answer: my mother, who read all those nineteenth century English novels I never managed to get around to). Here I thought I was softening my look with some kind of golden honey tone, and instead I emerged with magenta streaks. I looked like some rare breed of Eurasian squirrel....
Lisa Poulson

Surprised by the Joy of White Hair

n the middle of 2020’s pandemic lockdown, everybody’s hair looked terrible and there was nothing anyone could do about it. We all had roots. Scowling at myself in the mirror one night, an idea sparked. What if I stopped coloring my hair? At 57, wasn’t that OK? On September 4, 2020, the first day salons could legally open in Alameda County, I walked into my colorist’s tiny new salon, a converted shipping container in Oakland, filled with anticipation and relief. I could not wait to see how I might emerge....
Grey hair


For those of us who have just been in observation mode, how do you look after 5 weeks of no color? For me, I'm not convinced my hair will ever morph into silky silver locks. But, if I knew I would look like any of these 12 gray haired queens of Instagram I would totally go for it. How about you? ...