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Tony Robbins

Darwinism, Tony Robbins and Surviving “The Winter of Our Discontent”

There is something truly scientific going on here as we move into our 3rd winter of discontent. There's something that the historians and scientists will have a go at in a few years, but as of now we have to muck through the reality of this winter.  Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful. My gratitude list is huge but we humans are not meant to live like this. What is the Darwinian side of isolation? Who wins? Maybe only Tony Robbins' disciples win. ...

What Scares You and Excites You…My 2022 Adrenaline Pumping Goal

I had a John Krakauer "Into Thin Air" moment when I met my friend Ellen at 7 am with headlamp on (Ellen had gifted me the headlamp), ready to skin up Park City for my first sunrise hike. It was all new to me. The equipment, the climb, being on a mountain in the dark, my untested strength to keep up with the skinning group in altitude. Fears of not being strong enough, failing, and the drive to conquer. Fear flooded my brain. I realized I had not tested or pushed myself physically in a very long time. It was both exhilarating and sickening and I was all in....
Felice skiing

How We See Ourselves: The Meet And Greet

I've been meeting a lot of new people lately as my husband and I have settled into our winter life in Park City, Utah for the second year. And so, at every new social introduction I am greeted with the same question..."It's so nice to meet you? What do you do?" So many decades of living have resulted in a full mantle of mini monikers...a mini series with multiple seasons. A bookshelf full of titles and chapters that need serious editing.  But which one will I pull off the shelf first? ...
Thanksgiving dinner

This Thanksgiving Is Different!

Thanksgiving will be like no other because of last Thanksgiving. This year many of us dare to gather but we cannot forget what we lived through just one Thanksgiving ago. And that remembrance makes this Thanksgiving all the more special. Most of us are going to gather despite the rising rates of Covid, because it's time for us to be together again. We are ready to celebrate and be hopeful. The simple act of gathering has taken on new meaning. The gathering is the grand prize of this Thanksgiving....
Line in the Sand

Protect Your Skin in Style: A Convo With Kay Unger and Lynn Obrien Of Line In The Sand: Bundled Gift Discounts

A fashion company founded by Two BA5O's who are both cancer survivors, who manufacture their products in the garment district in New York City, with products made from sustainable materials (like plastics found on the beach), with profits going to the oceans and cancer. I mean every thread of this company has been thought out and has purpose! You will definitely be inspired by this conversation with designer Kay Unger and Lynn Obrien and if you plan on going in the sun in the near future -- you will definitely want to wear these second skin fabrics that protect you from the sun. Every element of these designs are created with the woman over 50 in mind. They are attractive, useful and allow us to be free doing what we love while protecting our skin. Be sure to shop the 20 percent off bundled product offerings and their  post Thanksgiving weekend holiday sale. Let us know what you think on Instagram....
Felice talking on the phone

Finding Mom When I Didn’t Expect To

Mom and Dad are gone. I’m not complaining. I know in my 60’s it would be unusual to have a living parent. But still, normal or not,  I miss them. Most recently, I’ve been talking to my Mom who has been gone for 2 years. “I feel like calling Mom lately.” I texted my 3 sisters. “Does this happen to you?” “So much, it happens often.” And then, there I was waiting for my booster and the 95 year old woman next to me introduced herself. My name is Florence Somethingstein , do you live around here?...
Felice Shapiro watching movies

Couch Slouching and TV Binging For November 2021

Whatever the reason, I thought last year's binging behavior was over -- so over. My couch slouch posture had righted itself and I walked defiantly away from the screen and clicker last May but alas, I'm back with no regrets. I have even upped my binging game this time as the ridiculously short days of daylight and the crazy rains creep in and have kept us inside these past 2 weeks. Armed with the new Disney Plus App and Apple TV access, an ability to caste effortlessly without dialing up the kids on the west coast,  wrapped in my new faux fur blankie from Pottery Barn, I am ever ready for my great escapes.  Ready, Aim, Click.....I dim the lights, aim the  TV clicker and let the stories roll. So here's what I'm loving lately and what my friends are recommending: ...
Breakfast Paris style with my Auntie Dina

Energy Infusion: 24 Hours In NYC

Like a fair weather sports fan who had given up on their team in a down season, I guiltily admitted that I had forgotten how much I adored the buzz of the city and felt badly that I didn't think NYC could feel like this again. And for the first time in 2 years, I felt the fear of being in the city melt away and the allure returned. Breakfast Paris meets NYC style with Auntie Dina, a cultural immersion and the charge one gets from walking miles and miles with my friend in NYC ...