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Felice’s Blog


Felice Shapiro, Founder and Publisher of Better After 50, muses about life as a BA50.

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Felice Shapiro

No More Excuses: Writer’s Block and Other Issues

The feelings of loss have been huge this month. The loss of freedom to travel, to breathe, to feel that my vote will be counted, the civil unrest and the death of RBG who represented what I care about most on the Supreme Court suddenly left me paralyzed. But, here's some irony. The doomsday dark cloud lifted from my morning when I least expected it. Last Friday, September 25th, would have been my Mom's 88th birthday and as I sat with her photos, videos and memories all day, something shifted. It was the first time in years I wouldn't be with her on her birthday....

A BA50 She Did It Story: Deb Rusckowski Talks About How The Covid Testing Site Was Launched on Martha’s Vineyard

This is an amazing "can do" BA50 She Did It story of vision and action and pure grit. Thanks to Deb Rusckowski and an amazing team of launchers, the tension of getting tested for Covid, on island, has been eliminated. By the end of May we had testing on Martha's Vineyard and here's how it happened. ...

Hosting Visits During Covid: Beware Of The Bossy Boss

We looked to each other for yet another round of backgammon thinking about how lucky we were to have a playmate. We stayed cheery. We celebrated what a great job we'd done raising our kids and that they were so independent and didn't need a thing from us. We counted our blessings. Sure it was a bummer that the dog had died, and our annual friend visits were all cancelled, but hey! But then....enough was enough!...