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The Best Neck Lift for Under $30… Echo Bandanas

The best and easiest fashion uptick is the scarf. I love these Echo Bandanas for spring. Now that we don't have to wear theses as  masks anymore ( I hope), they provide a flash of color while covering the neck region. Nora Ephron wrote about our necks after a certain age and I know she would have agrees, that these bandanas are the quickest and most painless neck lift ever. I received a bouquet of bandanas from Echo the other day and here's a little video we made....
Bowls of change

The Zen of Sorting: Beyond Marie Condo and Into Chi

The Zen of Decluttering and Sorting.  This is a real thing.  I love Marie Condo and I always give her a nod of gratitude when I start to clear my clutter.   But, this time it goes deeper than asking myself "does this give me joy"  before I toss it or keep it. This time, unintentionally I entered a new realm of happiness and apparently moved my Chi around when I tackled my left over coin collection that had accumulated over the past 20 years in random corners of my house. The Chinese mastered an understanding of energy flow centuries ago with the practice of Feng Shui which now has become synonymous with creating balance in your home. But another layer, deeper than Feng Shui is the study of energy patterns known as “Chi”....
Felice Shapiro

I Glanced At My Reflection and Paused…Am I Ready For This?

My suitcases lay empty and open, waiting for content. I was reluctant. After 3 months of hunkering down in the mountains of Park City, our rental was up. I had left myself 3 days to pack up. But each day I found a reason to bypass the empty suitcases and take another walk, read my book, and write a bit more. Anything but fill that nylon zippered void.......
Felice and Susan zoom call

Sexually Woke: Join Us This Monday March 22 In A Conversation with Author Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith

Dr. Hardwick-Smith talks about the 3 important elements to becoming sexually woke in midlife and after menopause. She is a true BA50, believing like us that life gets Betterafter50. After listening to this conversation with Susan, you are welcome to join Dr. Hardwick-Smith and myself on Monday March 22nd at 5 pm EST for a 90 minutes for a live interactive zoom where we will welcome questions from our BA50s readers. To register for this event please click the link below:...
Zoom meeting

Launching a Resort On An Island In A Pandemic: Felice Talks with Co-Founder Gwenn Snider Of Little Gem Resorts

Imagine opening a hotel, on an island with the challenge of mobility and resources in the middle of a Pandemic? Well, that's what Mark and Gwenn Snider did this year and it's quite a story. Lovango is in the US Virgin Islands just a short boat ride from St. John and St. Thomas. Please join me for this interview with my life long friend Gwenn Masterman Snider who inspires us with her energy and vision. She is truly a BA50 (A BadAss50....and a Betterafter50 woman)!...
Felice Shapiro

Things I Never Thought I’d Say or Hear A Year Ago

At times, I barely recognize the former me. A slow drip or should I say an injection of hope is on the horizon as the vaccine rolls out and into the arms of friends and family but in the meantime...... I wonder about the behaviors of the new me that have become embedded over the past year.  "No problem, I can wake up at 5:30 for our yoga class." Did I just say that? Yup.  ...
Felice and Bill

Oh, That’s What Love Feels Like!

When I gave this writing prompt to my BA50 Blogging groups, it got me thinking as well about the fireworks of romance, the drama of those first moments of passion, the heat of love. And then I shifted gears into the simple and sweet routines that deep love offers. The built-in years of knowing someone so well, when love is reflected in the daily dance of living in partnership. ...
Skiing and listening to music

Throwback Music That Fills The Soul : What’s On Your Spotify Playlist?

My Harman Kardon stereo was my bed mate in high school. America's Horse with No Name, The Doors Rider's On The Storm, and Steve Miller's Joker and Toker and Midnight Smoker tucked me into my dreams each night. I can't remember it all but Bruce Springsteen carried me through my first romance and although I gave up the boyfriend, I never gave up Bruce....