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Why advertise with Better After 50?

Launched in November of 2011, Betterafter50.com is now the premier online magazine for baby boomer women ages 47 to 64 who are hip, edgy and embracing their next phase. Because women at mid-life do not want to be told what to buy, how to look, or what to do, by anyone other than those they can relate to – BA50 is where they go to learn from each other. BA50 publishes over 200 writers who are key influencers for women at mid-life.

BA50’s relish in our influencers’ experience and wisdom. Their stories are heartfelt, humorous and heady. That’s why BA50’s are listening to us.

Publishers Felice Shapiro and Ronna Benjamin are the anchor voices and leading influencers for BA50 each week. When we write every Tuesday – our readers listen. We have developed a following on our site and our social media. We are available to write product reviews.

Our Readership:

1 Million Pageviews in 2013  

2 Million Pageviews in 2014

4.6 Million Pageviews in 2015

7.0 Million Pageviews in 2017

Demographic: Women 47+, highly educated, empty-nesters, with strong consumer purchasing ability.

Better After 50 is off the charts with growth over the past year:

If you want to Reach women ages 47 to 68 years this is the place for you.

  • 100 new followers per day: 75K IG by April
  • 52K FB Followers
  • Pinterest Audience: 700K
  • Website: (100k Monthly page views)
  • Newsletter subscribers: 25k

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