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Felice Shapiro, Founder/Publisher & Managing Editor

Felice ShapiroFelice Shapiro has been an entrepreneur in publishing for her entire career. She grew her multi-title parenting magazine group (Family Publishing Group) and sold it to a conglomerate in London (UAP).  As the Founder/Publisher of BA50 in 2011, she  created a platform for women at mid-life and publishes work around topics relevant to mid-lifers as they enter their next phase.  Her personal journey has given her writing a focus on reinvention and figuring out next acts.

Felice has become a fashion influencer and loves to write about fashion as well as health, goal setting and What’s Next. Felice conducts interviews with start-ups regularly and posts on BA50.  Felice taught Entrepreneurship for 5 years at Tufts University and currently serves on their Entrepreneurship Board. She and her fabulous husband Bill split their time between Boston and New York. She loves to spend time with her BA50s sharing conversation while running, hiking, skiing, and after yoga. She is the proud mother of 2 boys.

Felice is available to give talks on “Reinvention” and “Creating Your Start-Up/Getting Started” and “Life After 50”
For speaking inquires please email: editor@betterafter50.com
Fashion Associate Editors

Fashion Friday has become the cornerstone of BA50’s growth since 2017. BA50 has expanded its team of fashion editors who contribute multiple posts each week. Please check website and Fashion Friday newsletter to see our team of writers.

Social Media Team

BA50’s Social Media Team has been developing BA50’s brand and growing followers since 2017. Numbers across all social media have exploded by 500% since this work has been a focus. Some of our readers connect exclusively through social media and BA50 has grown to accomdate this interface.

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