Last night I had the best encounter with a 70 plus year old woman. I mean I rarely, hear women bragging about their age in their 60’s, or their 70’s. Do you?

We were flying Delta from Boston to Salt Lake this past week and our flight attendant was awesome. We had been upgraded to the front so we got a meal on the flight and every time she came over to ask us what else she could do for us, she was ready to chat. And it was truly just chit chat. But then, my husband sensing she was a very seasoned steward asked her how long she had been working for Delta.

“I’ve been with Delta for 50 years.”

“What, how is that possible? You would be, what, omg, I don’t want to even do the math.”

She laughed, “I am 72 years old, I started at 22 and it’s been the best job on the planet.”

“You look amazing, I never would have guessed, you have no wear and tear on you.”

“It’s my DNA, my whole family looks young but maybe because I had kids later in life, they have kept me young. My boys are 24 and 22.”

Again, we were calculating.

“You had your kids when you were 52 and 54? I mean that’s also incredible.”

“Yes I did, I had a surrogate both times. You want to see their pictures?”

“Oh, they are adorable, they look just like you.”

“Yup, I matched up my Norwegian genes and few other things and yes, they do look just like me, they are amazing.”

“So you work full time for Delta, and you raised 2 boys, your husband must be amazing.”

“It was my 3rd husband but actually I’m a single parent and it’s great.”

That was another amazing story.

Well, we chatted for quite a while longer. Her energy was ageless, and her attitude was light and easy. I had an ear to ear grin just listening to her.

“Life’s runway just got a little longer during that flight,” I said to my husband. He agreed.

So I was thinking, why are we even talking about age anymore? It seems the boundaries and stereo types of what we thought 70 meant or old meant are getting stretched and the only thing getting in our way is our preconceived notions those numbers means.

Thank you Delta.




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