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Featured articles for women over 50 – these articles are selected specifically for women at midlife who want to read it all, from midlife fashion to divorce after 50, from reinvention to hair care and so much more. BA50 has got it covered.

LLBean Snowshoe Package $179

Let’s Have Some Outdoor Fun this Winter

Being outdoors this winter will be the best and safest way to exercise and socialize with friends and extended family. Getting fresh air is also good for our mental health, which is a big plus, especially now. There are so many fun outdoor activities to do in the winter including snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, skating, and of course walking. There is something for everyone in my top picks for outdoor fun this winter. ...

My Hair Piece

I had my head shaved two months ago after my first chemo treatment. Anticipating all kinds of horrifying ego pain…and excruciating first glances in the mirror…and traumatizing my dear ones by the reveal of my naked head… l am shockingly, weirdly, gratefully at peace with it. In a making lemonade out of lemons moment, I am free for the first time in memory of being at the mercy of a bad hair day equaling a bad day....
Friends Toasting at Thanksgiving Dinner

Prepare for Your College Student’s Return for the Holidays

If you missed this New York Times piece, it's a must read for kids coming home from college. "Plan out the trip home and set ground rules for safe socializing. And remember that they’ve had a tough year, too, so give them the space to talk about it. “Rates of anxiety, depression and general malaise among my college patients have never been this bad, even compared to after 9/11,” said Dr. Julia Turovsky, a clinical psychologist in Chatham, N.J....
Dancing at a wedding

One Marriage Begins as One Marriage Ends

My twenty-four year-old son stood in front of me and said, “I’m going to propose to Sara.” Of course I was excited for him. I loved Sara and they loved each other. But in my head I yelled, “nooooooo. I’m not ready!” I was okay with my son getting married, but I wasn’t ready to witness the beginning of his marriage so close to the end of my own. It was just six weeks earlier that his dad and I had agreed to divorce....