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Featured articles for women over 50 – these articles are selected specifically for women at midlife who want to read it all, from midlife fashion to divorce after 50, from reinvention to hair care and so much more. BA50 has got it covered.

Reasons to Make a Change at 64

“Will you still need me, will you still feed me When I'm 64” I was 8 years old when the Beatles released that song.  Of course, I thought being 64 was ancient.  I pictured 64 year old people as using walkers, wearing hearing aids, sitting in rocking chairs reading newspapers, and watching old movies on television.  People who are 64, I thought back then, were wrinkled, and bent over. How is it that I am now 64? And how is it that I just let a doctor inject chemicals into my face so I would not look like I am 64.  I remember first hearing about Botox and fillers decades ago, and swearing that was not something I would ever succumb to.  I have never been much for makeup and generally prefer a natural look.  But the problem is for the past few years, when I looked in the mirror, I did not recognize the saggy, lined face staring back. ...
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Testing Our Senior Wings: The Big Move Out Of Our Nest

Well, the whole thing started even before this seller’s market. We knew we’d outgrown our neighborhood and, to be honest, also our home. While we built it, and still love it, we no longer need all this space and the upkeep it requires. So, we took a deep breath, extended our wings and jumped. We hope we’ve chosen a soft landing. We’ll be just down the road – nearby enough to see friends and frequent favorite places, but new enough to re-invent ourselves to some extent, to test our senior wings in a new lifestyle. ...