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Featured articles for women over 50 – these articles are selected specifically for women at midlife who want to read it all, from midlife fashion to divorce after 50, from reinvention to hair care and so much more. BA50 has got it covered.

Hosting Visits During Covid: Beware Of The Bossy Boss

We looked to each other for yet another round of backgammon thinking about how lucky we were to have a playmate. We stayed cheery. We celebrated what a great job we'd done raising our kids and that they were so independent and didn't need a thing from us. We counted our blessings. Sure it was a bummer that the dog had died, and our annual friend visits were all cancelled, but hey! But then....enough was enough!...
Woman watching TV

I’m Running Out Of Things To Watch

In April, the average viewer logged in 41 hours of TV time a week. That’s why we can’t remember April. Thankfully, just when we’re beginning to exhaust the programs we were dying to watch, summer offers us the opportunity to make some memories. As the option of watching a squirrel run up a tree competes with Anderson Cooper and Bea Arthur, I’m betting on the squirrel. At least until sports return....
Jean Jackets

Jean Jackets With An Edge

Whether distressed, dark denim, white, cropped or oversized, a jean jacket is the most versatile jacket in your closet.  You can dress it up or dress it down and it always feels "just right." A jean jacket also looks great styled with a bandana around your neck, which, during these Covid times, can be pulled up over your face quickly if you need to socially distance yourself while dining outside or on a walk....