Marcia Lansing

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Can I Have a Do Over?

“Georgia, I swear I’ve never seen such a smile.” I hadn't heard Boz Scaggs in years and suddenly all I could see was my younger self, with a whole future of unlimited possibilities available to her. It was a moment in time when anything and anyone was possible.  However,  I think I chose the wrong guy, settled into a mediocre marriage and was now 60 and alone for the first time since my late twenties. Damn you Boz Scaggs, I want a do over!...
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Empty Nested & Single: Uplifting Strategies When Life Gets Too Complicated

It’s not a linear process, my new normal. It still makes me cry when I see families picnicking in the nearby park because I am missing all the family time that seemed so idyllic, so long ago. I realize that I still grieve the loss of my marriage, my children and my former life. Then I get a text from the man I’ve been dating, “Just thinking about you and wanted to say hi ;) “ and my heart skips a beat. I smile and feel happy. People see me smiling and smile back....
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The Surprising Benefit of Zoom Dating

I carefully applied Nars Roman Holiday lipstick; just a hint of color to go with the sweater, instead of a darker color that doesn't suit my aging complexion. To avoid gas, I was not drinking a vodka tonic. Instead, I smoked a joint called Banana Kush that promised “a mellow buzz and a relaxed sense of euphoria in social settings.” Just for kicks, I spritzed myself with my favorite jasmine perfume and logged into Zoom a little early. “I look good.” I thought. “Cute even. And the Zoom filter hides all my wrinkles.”’ I had purposely made myself the Zoom host so I would have time to examine and re-examine my on-screen appearance and create the right lighting, if need be....