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Healthy Monday

Woman writing

BA50 Blogging Workshop: The Surprising Silver Lining of Quarantine

The ultimate irony of this quarantine is that I reached beyond the boundaries of my house and made new friends and in doing so begun exercising a muscle I forgot I had. At the beginning of this pandemic, I joined a group of smart, like-minded women from around the country and despite Zoom being our means of introduction, their emails are the first I read and these meetings are the highlight of my week....
Married Couple

My Marriage- B.C. and A.C. (Before Covid-19 and After Covid-19)

The most oddly satisfying, and truly weird part of our isolation together is that we are doing each other’s hair. (No braiding involved.) My husband very kindly and ably assisted in my overwhelmingly messy, awkward first attempt at dying my hair. Nowhere in our marriage vows had the strangeness of my husband acting as hairdresser been even vaguely anticipated....
Mason Jar Magic

Mason Jar Recipes: How To Make Garlic Confit & Preserved Lemon

Felice loves my mason jars. When we teamed up to cook a couple years ago, she stood there marveling at the line-up of homemade condiments, confits, and pickled vegetables, on the top shelf of my fridge. I learned this trick from the Gjelina cookbook by Travis Lett. Making my own condiments has become one of my favorite cooking pastimes, and anyone who has eaten at my place is knows the benefits. ...