Healthy Monday

Lynn Toomey

Confessions of an Almost Retired Mom

My twin girls left for their freshman year in college just about a month ago and all I keep thinking about is that I didn’t get a chance to teach them my personal finance class. I’m a personal finance and retirement coach and educator for crying out loud. Teaching is what I do. How could I possibly let my girls escape the nest without imparting this critical knowledge? We were supposed to use the extra time they had doing remote senior year to go through my curriculum....
Antique clock

What’s Really Important is Time After 50!

I went in to buy a vacuum years ago and listened as the salesman tried to close a deal, assuring a woman my age that the appliance had a twenty-year guarantee. “I don’t care about that,” she answered. I felt sad for her. Last weekend the scene repeated itself verbatim when I went to purchase a new mattress. After a split second of recognizing “yep, that’s me now,” I flipped the message and bought the most luxurious mattress I’ve ever owned....
Holly Eger

An Hour to Pack Before The Flames Reached Us

When the winds changed and we realized we had about an hour to pack and get out before the flames reached us, we counted ourselves lucky. Many people get no time at all. We live south of San Francisco, just west of Stanford and 20 miles short of the Pacific Ocean. The woods in our town are etched with trails that weave through cypresses and manzanitas and spill into grassy meadows of larkspur and purple lupine. The snowy fog, in the cool misty mornings, pulls back toward the ocean as if God is making Her bed....