Netflix is now so ubiquitous that it — just like Google — has become somewhat of a verb. While “Netflix and Chill” first started as a euphemism for today’s dating and hookup culture, it’s already evolved to simply mean watching Netflix and relaxing! Staying in and avoiding a crowd has become the new going out, and we’re totally bought into this trend. Unlike mom jeans and bad bras, it’ll help keep you young. Maybe. Let’s just go with it.

With that said, it’s easy for a night in to become repetitive, routine, and simply dull, and as we  know all too well, life is too short for any of those adjectives. To keep that from happening, make sure you think of new, fun ways to upgrade your evening. Whether you’re enjoying a movie (or marathon) alone, spending time with friends, or cuddling with your partner, the following essential tips will ensure your version of Netflix and Chill is time well spent.

Get Comfortable

It’s safe to say that being able to “chill” depends largely on where you’re doing the chilling. It can be pretty impossible to completely relax in a cluttered space, for example. Take the time to do a clean sweep so you feel completely at ease, and go the extra mile to get the ambiance right, whether that’s softer lighting or an ample selection of blankets.

Then, of course, make sure you’re wearing something worth an upgraded night in. Don’t stay in the clothes you’ve worn all day, even if that ensemble included yoga pants. Invest in quality lounge clothes that really make you feel good in your own skin. Adore Me’s selection of loungewear and pajamas is a safe bet because they’ve been designed with a “love your body” philosophy, something all of us need to do more of.

Curate Your Binge List

Perhaps the most important question is, of course, what are you going to watch — and for how long? Is this a marathon or a classic movie night? If you’re looking to spend hours on end and want a single story to invest in for that time, know which shows are worth it.

If this isn’t a solo evening, it could be fun to poll your audience — send out an email or fun survey beforehand to your friends or whoever is joining you and make them vote on what they want to watch.

…And Your Food List

Actually, this might be the most important part. Snacks and drinks, please! Classic options like popcorn are great, but get fancy! Why not put Super Bowl-worthy effort into it and get a wide selection of finger foods and booze (if that’s your thing) together. The night is your oyster — heck, have oysters. Those would be especially good if this is the date kind of Netflix and Chill.

Choose Great Company

Finally, you need some great companions. Even if that’s yourself! This is about making a quality night in that’s worth remembering, so make sure you surround yourself with the people you can really enjoy it with.


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