Remember when finding your G-Spot was all the rage?  The term was coined in 1981 after the German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg who discovered this sensitive area back in 1950.  I’m not quite sure how he came upon this discovery and there was much dispute as to its actual existence.

But nonetheless, the concept of this erogenous zone sent the female population on a search that for some ended in elation and for others in confusion and disappointment.

Did you find yours?  Yes!  And it was wonderful.  Did you?  NO. Is there something wrong with me?  Where exactly is this spot?

It wasn’t like finding a city on a map with an an exact longitude or latitude to go by.  Why, even today’s new GPS systems wouldn’t have been much help back then.

According to Dr. G., the spot is about one to three inches inside the vagina, on the anterior wall.  Stimulation can lead to high levels of sexual arousal and powerful orgasms.

I can’t say that I ever did find mine, but it didn’t make sex any less enjoyable.  Thirty years with the same man has a monopoly on that.

Sex has passed quietly from a “have-to-have-it” thing into a pleasurably “making-love” event when the kids were asleep and has since evolved into “cuddling with benefits.”

So, for years I haven’t even thought about my G-Spot. Until just the other day when I smacked head-on into another important G word: Gravity.

I’m sure my “spot” is still there, but just as the terrain of the earth has shifted due to forces of nature, gravity may have moved it a few inches from where it used to be.

Face it–that G word–Gravity, has a mind of its own.  And like it or not, it eventually pulls on all of us. Making us a few inches shorter, a little wider, a little slower as we grow older.  Our skin starts to sag, joints creak and those perky body parts start to droop.

The marketing world has latched onto us so-called “gravity-affected” women and is taking us for a spin into the world of anti-products, with the same accelerated frenzy with which we rode the G-Spot craze.

We’re bombarded with anti-aging, anti-gravity, anti-wrinkles, anti-stress, anti- “who-we-really-are” products.

Ads proclaim that 40 is the new 20, 50 is the new 30.  Well, I had kids in my thirties and I’m not about to do that again.  Certainly not at the age I really am.  Even if there is some anti-product to keep my eggs from drying up.

Like it or not, we need gravity to keep us planted on the ground, otherwise we’d be floating around in space.  Come to think of it, that could be quite an adventure, looking for our G-Spots while having sex, hanging upside down.

But seriously, our muscles would weaken, our bones would become brittle.  And we’d need more than just some over-the-counter products to keep us looking young and fit.

So for now, I’ll do my best to work with what Gravity is giving me and concentrate more on those G-words which give me pleasure:


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