sitting on the beachHer tag line is “Healing to the Core.” How stressful could that be?

I met Bhavna at our She Did It Event in Boston at Babson College 3 years ago. I knew she had something special to offer then. She greeted me before I spoke to the 200 women in the Great Hall and asked if there was anything I needed.

“No, I’m fine, but my shoes are killing me and my big toe is aching.” I knew she was a Reiki healer but I wasn’t expecting to get an adjustment.

She knelt down and cupped her hands over my foot. The room was swarming with our attendees yet at that moment, all was quiet — just for a second. She rose, smiled at me and that was it.

My toe was suddenly calm, no throb, no ache… just a quiet addendum to my foot.

I knew I would see her again.

Three years later, a friend was hosting Bhavna for 2-days at her home on Martha’s Vineyard. She was “booking” sessions for her and I scheduled an hour session 2 weeks ahead.

And then I forgot about it.

I stood ritualistically on a Friday afternoon at Morning Glory Farm waiting for a Blueberry pie. We had all of my husband’s family coming and I wanted to make sure we had pie that night.

“The pies will be out at noon,” said the manager.

It was noon already, but this was Martha’s Vineyard in August and I knew the pies would be arriving eventually.

“Ok. Then, I’ll wait.”

It was 12:20 and still no pie.

My phone buzzed and I got a jolt when I saw my friend’s name come up.

I knew instantly that I had forgotten my noon Reiki appointment. I had totally spaced it out.

“I’m so sorry, Nancy. I forgot,” is how I answered.

“Well can you come now?”

“I’m waiting for pie, my sister-in-laws arrived an hour ago and they are at the house. I screwed up, I’m so sorry. I am happy to pay for the session but I truly can’t get there.”

“Just come for half an hour on your way home,” she urged.

I must have really wanted to go to that healer because I abandoned the pie – and drove straight over with my groceries.

Bhavna was waiting for me on the front steps of Nancy’s home.

I got my session. What happened in those 40 minutes was magical. So, magical, that when I arrived home, to my awaiting sisters-in-law, with my groceries, and shared my story, they wanted to see her too.

I called over immediately and Bhavna delayed her boat off the island to accommodate them.

Two hours later, 3 sisters sat on a sandy spit, staring out at the harbor and shared their experiences with that “energy healer.”


Sister 1: “She touched me a lot.”

Sisiter 2: “She didn’t touch me at all.”

Sister 3: “She put a crystal on my forehead, one in each hand and when she put one on my belly I thought I would sink through the table.”

Sister 2: “She told me to go to the beach and yell – and keep yelling to empty the anger out.  And then she said to come back and she would work on me . She wouldn’t touch me until I did that.”

Sister 1: “She told me I was  very, very strong. That I was very, very tight in my shoulders. That I needed to move closer to my kids and feed them.”

Sister 3: “She dangled a strand of crystals over my heart and told me that the energy around my heart was moving in the opposite direction. She said ‘closed’ as the crystal dangled above my head, ‘closed’ over my throat. She said she would spend the next 40 minutes clearing out my old energy and bringing in the new.”

Sister 2: “Your father is saying he is so sorry that he had to leave this world and not be with you.”

Sister 1: “She said that my mom just spoke to her and that she wants to be part of the family again. She said that she will return as my great granddaughter and I will know her – I will be very old but I will know her.”

Sister 3: “She said that my husband is with me now – that he wants me to tell you he is watching over the boys, that he spoke to me – he wants you to know – you should not worry about the boys.”

We 3 sisters shared and shared and each of us were somewhat incredulous, definitely awed but mostly calmer and clearer from the experience.

Sister 3 asked: “Did you feel this was ridiculous in any way?”

Sister 2: “No, no I didn’t question it.”

Sister 1: “I felt light. My eyes are twinkling. I feel better. I don’t feel as anxious about my kids right now.”

Sister 3: “When I went in I was afraid my heart palpitations would run wild. As I lay there she moved her hands over me without touching me – she told me she was clearing the the energy out that wasn’t serving me. Then she touched me – she placed her hands on my face and kept them there. They were warm, very warm. She laughed and told me she was “stuck” on my face – that I was receiving her energy and she needed to stay attached for a little while. I’m not sure how much time passed but we talked with her hands cupped on my cheeks and I felt so calm – my pounding heart had quieted.

It all felt so right.

I felt calm and peaceful and light. I felt even.”

As the weekend played out — we 3 sisters moved easily together — cooking, walking, cleaning, swimming and of course talking.

Our joint experience carried us through 2 days of togetherness and when we said goodbye on Sunday, we hugged one another knowing it was our best visit ever.






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