screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-1-13-57-pmWhy is “lady gardening” even a conversation on a Better After 50 website?¬†Apparently, there is some mystery about it, and that’s why we love to talk about it. And whether you are 22 or 62, we all have personal preferences. ¬†That’s just a fact. ¬†And fashion trends for grooming are changing all the time. A friend of mine recently told me that my totally bare “nether regions” were now out…that a little hair is back in. ¬†Ok, but now what am I supposed to do (and what about those women who got permanently lasered?)

What’s in, and¬†what’s out¬†in the¬†styling of our southern regions? ¬†Here’s a list of options that have always been¬†tossed around.

  1. The Landing Strip. ¬†Keep what you’ve got and just leave a fine line down the middle. Professional assistance required (at least I certainly don’t have an ability to¬†draw a straight line…)Runway
  2. The Brazilian: ¬†Nothing, Nada. ¬†Women who have gone there usually don’t got back. I have loved it.A Moving Blue Lawnmover Cutting Green Grass
  3. The Big Bush. Au Natural.Wild. Easy. Messy and Free.
  4. Planet earth made of leaves. Eco ball.The Bermuda Triangle  Another challenging commitment but if you like a clean groomed look Рthis one is quite popular. Geometry is your friend.
    Danger sign. Exclamation point on a white background. Vector illustration

  5. The Vajazzle: ¬†High¬†end body jewelry. ¬†I’ve learned that this is actually a decorating option. Who knew?¬†The only thing in the way is your imagination and your mobility. Proceed with caution.images-1


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