Do you know the “symptoms” of a sexually confident woman? Could you already be one?

Let me give you a check list to see if maybe you have some possible aspects of a sexually confident woman:

1. Women who not only enjoy their sexuality, but actively pursue erotic and sensual pleasures.

2. Women who do not feel dependent on their partner for the expression of their sexuality.

3. Women who are confident about their relationship with their own body.

4. Women who have an understanding or desire to understand sex skills — and have cultivated the belief that they are “good at sex” and they seek out information to give themselves more sexual self confidence and expression.

5. Women who think about sex and are curious about sex.

6. Women who have a sense of their sexual anatomy; they self pleasure and enjoy touching their own bodies.

7. Women who explore the world of sexual fantasy and adventure as well as cultivate these qualities in themselves.

8. Women who express themselves as a sexual being by the clothes they wear.

9. Women who reject the traditional shaming leverages that society has often used to keep women attached to the idea that sex is something that they can ONLY feel and express in a committed “love relationship.”

10. Women who do not judge “casual sex.”

11. Women who are able to express their “Yes” and their “No.”

12. Women who are able to hold their erotic boundaries.

13. Women who are supportive of other women having pleasure in their own lives.

14. Women who don’t shame other women for how they dress or for their body size.

In general, sexually confident women who actively pursue sexual pleasure in their lives have broken through the traditional scripts that some sexual behaviors are only appropriate for men. Sexually confident women can also feel that having their sexuality be fully expressed is an important component of their lives. So, how are you doing? Are you catching the bug?

Got one or more symptoms of sexual wellness?

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