Last Month I tried the Zuvi Halo for the first time and fell in love with it. It was easy to use, the attachments popped off seamlessly and I loved that I could air dry my hair without creating over heated broken frizzy fly away ends. There is frankly no issue with heat damage with this dryer.

The Zuvi Halo’s light technology makes for a gentler hair drying experience and helps to preserve the moisture in our hair. With age, losing moisture in the hair is a real post menopausal issue.

There is no question now that my hair isn’t as dry as it was, it’s smoother, there is less frizz. And, I would venture to say my hair feels stronger as it doesn’t break as much as it used to.

It actually looks shinier which is a real bonus. I mean who wants dull hair?

And so the people at Zuvi Halo asked me to let them know if I have seen any changes after using their dryer for over 6 weeks and the answer is Yes.

The Zuvi Halo makes it easy to create a smoother look, without as much frizz and broken ends and I have achieved success on all those fronts. My hair is less crispy and split, I don’t dread drying my hair and worry that I’m going to screw it up before an event. I feel way more confident about using this dryer to give me a smoother more finished look.

There’s a reason the Zuvi Halo has won multiple beauty and industry awards, including Allure’s Best of Beauty.

The truth is, this hair dryer is intentionally designed to benefit women over 50 who are losing moisture in their hair due to menopause.

The Benefits of LightCare™ are easily appreciated after even one use but definitely we can see results in the health of our hair with consistent use.

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You can give it a try and still have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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