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We found this article in the Science of Us by  to be really fascinating and seems to have gone crazy with reads on our BA50 Facebook page. All those stereotypes about personality traits linked to where you live, may in fact be true. But…there are reasons why they work. If you are thinking of moving to another area of the country you may want to check this piece out.

What a fun read and a great topic to discuss.

Here’s a little taste of what the article is about….

“New Yorkers should brace themselves for the results: From a survey of more than 127,000 adults, the study authors found that citizens of the Northeast and mid-Atlantic are, on average, more anxious in their romantic relationships than West Coast dwellers.

Utah, meanwhile, has one of the least anxious and most relationship-inclined populaces in the country, despite a trend in other mountain states to be less interested than average in forming romantic relationships.”

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