I was scrolling through the spectacular Oscar site (http://oscar.go.com/nominees) and I was overwhelmed.

Too many categories and too many good films!

The OscarsI love voting on who is going to win. My annual Oscar group will gather to celebrate with cocktails pencils and paper. A menu of all categories will be pre-printed and pre-dinner – all guests will have filled out their best guess of the Oscar winners — In every category!  There is only one winner at the end of the evening and the prize is not an Oscar — but an incredible bottle of wine.  The winner is usually the same person each year — and  it’s never me.

Hey – you want to give it a try? You pick the Oscar winners. We’ll keep it simple

Let’s see what our “niche” — women 50 and up — believe will be the winners for Best Film, Best Actor and Best Actress.

We’ve gathered these amazing photos from the Oscar site to remind you of the contenders. It seems that for many of us, once we’ve left the theatre – we’ve left the story and plot behind as well. So hopefully this will jog your memory. 

Ok – drum roll – Let’s Vote! We will publish the results on our Facebook Page and Website.


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