it's going to be a bad dayWhen do you know it’s just going to be a really bad day?

…The dentist says at your morning appointment, “We need to get you in to see the periodontist. Immediately. “

…You forget to pack your bra in your gym bag.

…You dig around in your purse for your iPhone, while you’re talking on it.

…You try to pull on the pair of pants that fit you last spring, but they don’t go above your knees.

…Your son calls you at 3AM, and he’s not doing a semester abroad.

…You try to check in at the gym using your Starbucks Card.

…You can’t fit into your husband’s fat jeans.

…You’ve been up since 4AM worrying about…who knows?

…Your calendar says, “Colonoscopy tomorrow- Start Prep.”

…The smoke detector starts beeping at 2:30 AM (why can’t the battery fail at 2:30PM?)

…You wake up to the cat peeing on your bed.

…You let out some gas at morning yoga.

…You get on the scale and you realize you weigh more than your husband.

…You get into the car, take a good look at yourself in the rear view mirror, go back into the house to apply your makeup…and realize you already did!

…Your first cup of coffee somehow winds up all over your living room rug.

…A bird has been attacking his own reflection in the window of your bedroom every 45 seconds for the last 6 hours.

…You put your contacts in the wrong eyes, and when you go to switch them, you lose one down the drain.

…You spend 10 minutes pulling all the ingredients together to make a delicious raspberry breakfast smoothie, and when you turn on the blender, you realize the top was not sealed tight…and you are wearing your new white blouse.

…You realize when you come down to the kitchen to get your coffee that you left the entire pot of chicken soup that you made last night out on the kitchen counter instead of putting it in the refrigerator before you went to bed,

…You realize how much older you are than the President.

…You cough and pee a little just after putting on a new pair of undies.

When do YOU realize it’s going to be a bad day?

Thanks to Mimi Segel and many BA50 Facebook friends for inspiring this post!

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