Sharon StoneWe didn’t want you to miss Sharon Stone stepping out de-robed, because we think Ms.Stone is making a statement that BA50’s care about.

I’m no prude but I do feel kind of punchy about seeing a 57 year old classy actress posing nude, comfortable with her imperfections (although it’s hard to see too many issues here).

This photo shoot is meant to be disruptive, but pleasantly so, to my mind — kind of like when Demi Moore posed pregnant.

No surprise there’s been plenty of controversy about this article.  What do you think?

“While the rest of us are rocking high-waisted shorts all summer to cover up our pooches (how did they manage to get bigger over the summer?), Sharon Stone is putting us all to shame stripping down for Harper’s Bazaar. Dressed in nary but high heels and a necklace, the 57-year-old actress shows the girls she’s still got it and she isn’t afraid to let people know she has it.”

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