Picture this.  I am in San Francisco for the first time on a trip with my husband. Being from Florida, this was a much-anticipated trip and I looked forward to sightseeing and eating at great restaurants. Beautiful hotel with all the amenities. One small problem.  The dreaded stomach bug hits me. Ugh!!  Food doesn’t sound good and sightseeing is precarious. What to do?

Luckily, across the street from the hotel, I spied an interesting shop called Lucy with active-wear in the shop window. Rousting myself out of bed for the ultimate sacrifice of scouting out a new store and needing new yoga pants, I strolled across the street to check it out, despite protests from my stomach. What a delightful surprise!! Not only did they have great yoga pants in multiple styles, fabrics and lengths (I have short legs and pants are a challenge), the store was filled with colorful tops, jackets, shorts and other casual wear. Not just for workouts.

The young salesperson was very helpful and I came away with yoga pants and capris, t-shirts and some amazing pants called Walkabouts, my stomach issues completely forgotten, the endorphins flying high. This has happened to me time and time again when I shop, forgetting the time, my hunger level, and any negative body stuff going on.


Back to workout wear, I have worn the Walkabouts on all kinds of trips and for hiking, they repel water and have stretch and flatter all figure types.  Every time I wear them, someone comments and asked where I bought them. At $79.00 (and now on sale) they have been a lifesaver.  Here are more pants from Title Nine that can be worn to work out and around town, The Genie Pant ($89) and the Copenhagen ($75).


There is so much active wear out there that is cute and colorful – here are two hoodies from Lucy as examples, the Layer Up ($34.99) and Energize ($64.99).


A versatile top:  Title Nine Henley ($70) and jacket: Lucy Stay Present Jacket ($89.99)

yoga-cover2 yoga-cover

So stick to your goal of getting more exercise in 2014 wearing awesome, comfortable active and workout wear and then do your shopping and running errands in style!!  Check out www.Lucy.com, www.TitleNine.com, and www.Athleta.com for a ton of options.  Enjoy!!

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