Women over 50 rocked the Golden Globe this past week and BA50s are cheering as our demo is finally recognized.

According to In-Style,

“Leave it to the women (duh), and in particular, the women over 50, to deliver those triumphant, honest, and undeniably deserving moments.

Older women brought it last night. Not only did they look fierce, but they took home all the best awards, and they let their fiery, over 50, we-don’t-give-a-damn-anymore attitudes drop all the truth bombs while they were at it. If there were other memorable moments than these hot ladies cleaning up, we don’t remember them, and we don’t care.” Read more here….

Let’s start with hilarious 61 year old Jennifer Coolidge for Best Supporting in White Lotus..  


And Michelle Yeoh another over 60 For Best Actress in Everything Everywhere All At Once….

“Once on stage, the star delivered an emotional speech, saying in part, “Forty years, not letting go of this….”




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