My friend shoved her products in a bag made from an old sail, got in her dinghy, and went to visit another girlfriend on another boat. The box of hair dye came out as she told her friend, “Girl, we’ve got to do something about that hair!” Not only did she offer to dye her hair—she had a scissors in that sail bag too, and she offered to use it.

Leave it to a girlfriend to tell you that your hair is a mess. Leave it to another girlfriend to be honest and say, “don’t get near me with those scissors…”

Recently, a friend (see what I’m talking about?) showed me the following TED Talk called “The Secret To Living Longer May Be Your Social Life”.  In turn, I shared it with other friends, and f you haven’t seen this yet, grab a cup of coffee and a chocolate croissant and have a listen- it’s worth the 16 minutes (and then you’ll know why I mention that you can have your chocolate croissant…)


To be healthy, we need social interactions.

To have social interactions, especially as we get older, we need our girlfriends.

We need them to send us recipes when we are plum out of ideas.

We need them so they can care for us when we need comforting.

We need them so we can care for them when they need comforting.

We need them because they are role models of how to behave (or how not to…)

We need them to tell us when we still have lotion on our face and are about to walk in to dinner.

We need them so they can give us career advice and parenting advice, and dealing with our mother advice.

We need them so we have a million reasons to laugh.

We need them so we know that our problems are not exclusive to us.

We need them to tell us if we have some green stuff in between our teeth.

We need them to let our secrets out.

We need them to send us articles from the news we might have missed.

We need them for book recommendations.

We need them so we remain accountable.

We need them so we know about the date of the TJMaxx Runway sale.

We need them for walks, and to motivate us to exercise (although, that just went way down in importance for us gals, didn’t it?)

We need them to call for no other reason but to hear your voice.

We need them because they instinctively know what to do, then do it.



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