seattleIf you need an adrenalized jolt of possibility laced with some tasty java – go to Seattle.

My husband and I took our Passover Seder on the road and it was a great excuse to visit Jake, my oldest boy and his girlfriend for the weekend. We were thrilled when one of his aunties and her kids agreed to excursion West with us to celebrate. No one had been to Seattle in the past 20 years, or ever, except me – and everyone was up for an adventure.

We wouldn’t have understood if we hadn’t seen it firsthand what it means to be living in a city that is affordable and at the same time buzzing with opportunity — a city where the epicenter of growth and possibility noisily unfolds on every street corner. A city jam-packed with millennials. That’s what’s happening in the city of Seattle, Washington right now.

This is a city of young people who are managing the nuances of work with lifestyle because both are easily accessible. We all felt we were walking into the heart of the future for our 20-somethings. Millennials are in demand and thus get paid competitive salaries and can start saving, as there’s no income tax. It’s got a bit of a gold rush feel to it.

Seattle is a true melting pot of cultures — it is a blending of all peoples from around the world. It is truly a place where cultures connect seamlessly to launch their careers.

The only dated thing we saw in this city were vestiges of 50- to 60-somethings in loose hippy clothing, laid-back and graying, who’d made their homes there 20 to 30 years ago in a city that never dressed up.

But that city is changing. It’s still casual but it feels highly caffeinated, ambitious and directed. With Amazonians – Microsofters –and Expedia workers jazzed up on the homespun Starbucks Roasteries serving the best adrenaline pumping java, the pace is super charged.

In this lifestyle city you don’t need a car – you can Uber, bike, take buses or Zipcars– it’s a city where you can be in nature minutes after leaving your 10- to 12-hour day job. It’s a city where crisp, clean air laced with spruce and pine greets you when you exit the airport. It’s a city where nature is respected and Earth Day is every day.

If you’re thinking of visiting Seattle with family and friends – I wanted to share some of the great stuff we did which may help you plan your trip.

1. We found a great little house in Capitol Hill on VRBO, as we needed 4 bedrooms. It’s a great area: nearby Volunteer Park, with its manicured gardens with forest-sized trees, was ideal for our pre-coffee walks. We regrouped at the rustic and elegant Roy Street Coffee and Tea and planned our day. roy street

2. We headed out to Pike Place Market to tour and shop for our Passover dinner. This is not just for tourists. The flower market was spectacular and affordable. We picked up an enormous bouquet for just $10. We found smokey salts for our chicken and earthy cinnamon for our charoset in the spice market. We threw back some local oysters and tasted the homemade cheese at Beecher’s where we watched them make it.

Bells rang as fish to be filleted were tossed 50 feet, and balladeers strummed on every street.


Great video will give you a flavor:

3. After our first day of touring, my sister and I took a 95-degree Core Yoga class just a few minutes walk from our house on Broadway to detox and revive before preparing our Passover dinner. After the 4th glass of Passover wine we succumbed.

4. The sun was out just enough on Day 2 for us to brave a ferry to Bainbridge Island. The half hour ride across the Puget sound was breathtaking and we could see Mt. Rainier in the distance – magical! We rented bikes on the island from Classic Cycle of Bainbridge which is virtually a bike museum with plenty of bikes for rent. Our 8-mile hilly ride was challenging but worth it – we took in some great Seattle coastal views.bainbridge ferry

5. Dinner in Ballard — 15 minutes by Uber. The 1850’s fishing/boatbuilding area had been revived in the past and is packed with galleries and shops. We discovered a great shoe store and had to be hauled out for dinner. Loved the shoe store Resoul They make their own shoes and they look like Jazzy French dance shoes. My sister and I fell in love with metallic silver flats that we will have to share as there was only one pair left.

We ate dinner at the Ballard Annex Oyster House and had flakey whole trout fished from nearby Alaska. The price was right at $24 . We never made it over the Hot Cakes for their molten chocolate cakes as the line was around the block and some of us had sworn off bread.

6. We woke for our morning walk and coffee, and in no time we headed to the airport. The biggest bummer is the full day of flying home because of the time difference – but that won’t keep us down – we all agreed – we’ll be back.

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