Concept Of OptimismI love November.

Yes, I live in New England and I love November. The days are colder and grayer, leaving many wistful for the long, hot days of summer, but these are exactly the things I love.

By mid-month the trees are bare and stark against the sky. They stand exposed and show us what they’re made of, without the canopy of leaves covering their wounds. Holes from a woodpecker here, a little rot there, broken branches from last year’s storms. Proud, strong, and unapologetic of their imperfection.

What About Us?
I learn lessons from the trees every year. I am reminded that it is their imperfection that make them beautiful, and the same holds true for each of us.

But what the trees so proudly display, we often hide, ashamed, and uncomfortable showing our flaws and perceived weaknesses.

Unfortunately, as we hide what makes us real, we lose our ability to truly connect with others. Connections cannot be made in the midst of half truths, shame, and fear. Sharing our stories not only liberates us, it frees others to do the same, and becomes the foundation of meaningful and lasting relationships.

It is not the quantity of people in our lives, but the depth of the relationships we have that truly enriches us. As we near the holiday season may we all slow down, remember what’s truly important, and savor every moment with those we love, flaws and all.

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