Please explain why you don’t want to wear a mask in public? I just don’t get it. I truly do not understand why people don’t wear masks? It’s so easy to put on a mask.

We BA50s are at risk. Most of us don’t like to think of ourselves as “older.” But we are in the age category that has been designated as “at risk”. So what’s the big deal about wearing a mask to protect ourselves and others?

Sure, some masks can feel sweaty and claustrophobic but there’s so many kinds now that it is truly possible to find one that doesn’t that way.

And, we all know how habits are formed. Do anything a few times and it becomes a habit. So keeping a mask in your jacket pocket, or wearing it around your wrist so you always have it is so easy once you get in the routine. You know, brush your teeth, put on your underwear, get dressed, put your watch on one wrist and your mask on the other and you will always be ready to put it on when you need it.

After 6 months of regular mask wearing, I’ve actually found comfort in masking up. At this point, I never leave home without a mask and if I do, I will turn around and go home and retrieve it.

Strangely, I find the warm breath behind my Everlane mask calming. I can feel the quiet warmth of my breath as I walk the neighborhoods or pick up groceries at the Whole Foods. (Yes, I do go into Whole Foods).

I trust that masks work. I find the mask to be a source of comfort knowing I am keeping those germs at bay.

We are not alone and are working toward the greater good by wearing our masks. I feel joy when I see others wearing masks. I smile and greet them eye to eye and they greet me back and it makes me feel hopeful that together we will get through this because we are both doing the right thing.

Trusting in the mask allowed me to travel across the country to see my kids after 9 months. I chose to believe that masks work and then indeed they did in fact work. The rules were clear and no one was allowed on the plane without them. It made me feel safer so I wasn’t an anxious mess.

Wearing a mask allows me to step out into the world and not bury myself in fear inside as the cold winds of autumn begin to blow and the skies darken.

So how is it that masks have become politicized? How can being healthy be a political issue? How has it come to this?

As I write this I feel very jumpy as we are at the precipice of this election. I can’t believe wearing a mask or not is an issue attached to a candidate.


Well I’m not trying to be political but frankly I choose health for myself, my family, my community and my country.

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