Moms have a number of talents and experiences to share. From raising kids to DIY home projects, mom life is almost tailored for blogging. Blogging can also be pretty rewarding for older moms, since they can help new moms and make a difference.

The mom niche when it comes to blogging is definitely a lucrative one. There are plenty of new and experienced mothers always looking for tips and tricks, as well as stories of motivation and inspiration. This can give you a nice little injection of passive income through posting blogs about what you know best.

And contrary to popular belief, starting a mom blog is pretty easy. This is especially true for older moms that have a bit more time on their hands, since the kids are living their own lives now. If you are an older mom looking to share a bit of motherly wisdom, here are a few ways you can do it via blogging. Let’s dive in!

Brainstorm Your Ideal Older Mom Blogger Niche

What mom-minded niche to choose for your blog is a big consideration. You want your niche to have a decent target audience, but also be something you are passionate about. For example, it could be a DIY blog about mom hacks for a better daily routine, kids specific, or you can challenge yourself to do something creative and new.

There are definitely a lot of niches to research, explore, and choose from. The good news is that you do not need to pick just one niche necessarily. You can have a primary niche, like mom health and wellness with two secondary niches like mom fitness fashion and DIY recipes that are healthy.

When thinking about mom blogger niches, think passion, think about your own mom interests, and also put yourself in the mindset of newer or novice moms you aim to help. The other important aspect to consider is how much content you can post about your chosen niche. 

Remember, you need to serve up actionable advice to other mothers, so have enough of it, allowing your blog to grow and be successful.

Begin Planning Your Online Blogging Presence

There are a number of things you will need to do in order to launch your online blogging presence and solopreneur endeavor. First is to brainstorm a domain name. This is essentially your blog’s name only the dot-com version. For example, if your blog is called Momma’s Blog, your domain will be

To find out if your domain name is available for WordPress, go to You will be able to ensure you can get your social media accounts in that name too. Once you have decided on a domain name, it is time to get hosting and a theme.

Finding a quality hosting provider is actually pretty easy, and very affordable. You can get a website and domain name registration for less than three dollars a month. To find a theme, go to Themeforest. It is best to choose a theme that is WordPress compatible and already designed for a blog.

Some hosting providers even serve up freebies like SSL certificates, business emails with your domain name (, and HTTPS for enhanced site security and better Google rankings.

Begin Creating Your Mom Blog

After you have signed up with a hosting provider, bought a blog theme, and registered your domain name, it is time to create your mom blog. This is when you get to be as creative as you want. However, there are a few SEO and user experience principles to abide by.

For example, you want to have a very clear and easy to use navigation menu at the top and in the footer of your blog. Your blog posts and web pages need to be easy to read and keyword rich. There is also an element of integrating social media and email subscriber sign ups, like MailChimp as well.

Getting subscribers is very important. It is a lead generation marketing tactic that allows you to capture leads and remarket products to them via WordPress lead generation landing pages. This will serve as the bedrock of your passive income. It is also a great way to connect with your audience of moms.

Start Blogging Today!

If you have mom-minded advice to give as an older mother, a blog can be your vessel for delivering your message and helpful tips. The above ways to make it happen can serve as your quick guide and get your mom blog launched in no time. Why wait, share your mom knowledge and maybe even make a bit of side income in the process. 

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