My client told me she has been thinking for months about eating better, but couldn’t seem to make it happen. She was eating out a lot and had many stressful things going on in her life. It wasn’t until she decided she needed accountability that she contacted me for support.

Accountability sounds scary, but it’s one of the best things you can incorporate in your life. It’s good for anything we want to accomplish. I have an accountability coach because with all I want to accomplish I can easily sidetrack myself if I don’t have someone to report into.

You may be saying you want to lose weight, but actions toward that goal aren’t happening. This happens in weight loss, health improvement, career advancement and finances. Professional advice sets us on a path that supports success.

Being intentionally accountable to others makes you honest and compels you to grow and change. Your words are the most powerful agents for change, because when you say them out loud to someone who will not judge you but will give you the space to hear yourself and call on you to make an action plan, everything changes.

  1. Identify to whom you want to be accountable
  2. Use the pronoun I and own your results.
  3. Be specific about the results you want, and create a realistic timeline.
  4. Don’t wallow in remorse or self-pity – figure out what ’s getting in your way
  5. Tell well-meaning meddlers to stop watching what you eat. It’s not helpful
  6. Make a realistic and attainable action plan to follow between meetings
  7. Most important – focus on your small steps that lead to long time changes
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