New CareerChanging your career is an important decision to make and can be an especially daunting thought if you are aged 50 or over. Whether you have been made redundant or are seeking a new challenge, being 50 plus can set you far ahead of the competition, even if you may not realise it yet.

You Have Work Experience
You might be at the top of your game and decide that you want to share your knowledge with a younger generation. Teaching is obviously the perfect career move for you here, and you can view a range of secondary teacher jobs on recruitment sites like EduStaff. Remember back to when you had entered the world of work, and how you looked to the senior employers for mentorship and knowledge – consider being that person for someone else.

You Have Life Experience
You know your strengths and weaknesses inside and out by now, how to deal with all types of problems and people, and have developed a whole set of skills that a younger generation could only dream of. Use this to your advantage; let your potential employer know of the challenges you have overcome, and how you can transfer these experiences to a particular role.

You Have a Network
Over the years, you’ve built up a great community of friends, extended family, former colleagues and associates. More than 70% of people secure jobs through networking, and with a network accumulated over time like yours, it would be foolish to not utilise it. Even talking to certain people you know about their career can help give you an idea about what you might be good at, or which industry is crying out for people with skills that match yours.

You Have the Time
Now is the time to start being selfish and thinking about what you want. Perhaps your children have flown the nest and now you have the security to choose a career you’re passionate about. If you have a hobby or certain interest, now is the perfect time to pursue it professionally. Your passion will be obvious to an employer and it’s a well-known fact that people perform better in roles they truly care about.

So, if you are thinking about making the leap to a new career, focus on the positives about what you have learned throughout your life. Confidence is easily observed, regardless of your age, and personality plays a key role in the hiring process. Do your research on your potential career or company and have a clear idea in your head about why this is the right move for you.

Most importantly, you aren’t alone. Research from the Careers Advice Service claims that nearly half of adults over the age of 50 would still like to find their dream job. With the government encouraging more middle-aged people to start an apprenticeship and learn a whole new trade, there really is no time like the present. And if that’s not enough to convince you that you can still be a success in a new career over the age of 50, just remember that Harland Sanders didn’t become The Colonel we know until he was 65!

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