Ok I admit it. I shouldn’t be tense. There’s so many ways to quell tension. These days, it just seems unenlightened to carry tension but yes, alas there it is! After all, we Better After 50s are wiser. We know how to self edit, to make the right choices because we’ve been on the planet long enough, but just being here isn’t always enough.

And although it may be un-evolved to be tense when we have so many fabulous fixes at our fingertips, we are. You know, fixes that can be called upon as needed from our tool kit.

We have been given instructions about how to Marie Kondo our minds to give us joy as we declutter the interiors of our brain space and closets. We are a click away from accessing Mindfulness using the ever popular Head Space meditation App which does in fact transport us into mind clearing breathing in the middle of the night. And then, there’s the immediate fix of binge watching for over 50’s. There’s nothing like finding a show that can keep the outside world at bay and frankly I just found one of those shows.

This past week I discovered the new Apple TV binge worthy Morning Show about Matt Lauer’s demise and achieved the equivalent of orgasmic escapism. I told my sister about it and apparently she inhaled all 11 episodes last Friday night and had the best date night ever.

So, with so many ways to distract ourselves and escape, why all the tension?So why should we be so tense?

Well. for me, it’s because… I haven’t given up the news of the day, that’s why! I can’t escape the impeachment hearings, the imminent election, climate change and the brutality of walking around New York City and LA and Seattle, dodging homeless bodies tucked into gutters on the city streets. Oops so sorry, I fell into a negative space….it happens!

No that’s not true -I can escape – I just said I could. I’ve got TV, and audio, and legalized pot, I’ve got Alexa and Jet Blue. I’ve got a healthy body that loves a good Peloton ride to escape stress and an appreciation of a good high which Tequila can serve up. Yes, indeed I can escape.

But the truth is I DON’T WANT TO numb and escape from some real truths that have exploded in 2019: the planet, the rising tides, the fires in LA and the politics that is tearing apart this country and the homeless crisis. As a jewish woman, I cannot escape the rise of antisemitism. I cannot escape my responsibility of being a 50-something who has contributed to the issues that our children are now facing and the acknowledgment that we are leaving a legacy that is messy. There is no escaping.

As 2019 winds down, do we start winding up and figuring out how we can make a difference? And does that make us tense? Well then — so be it! We will have to live with that tension because there’s work to be done.

Last night’s Cold Open from SNL drives home this point – we are a country divided and we are not alone with our tensions. Take a look at this slice of life at holiday dinner and have a bittersweet laugh because it’s way too true — and no wonder we are all on edge.

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