before:after2Now I know there are naysayers out there – oh I am perfect as I am – I am gray because I want to be, I wear elastic pants because I want to be comfortable, I wear Dansko’s because I have bunions, I don’t need a new bra because I like my girls dangling around my waist, and the list goes on and on and on for the ‘why not’s’.

But damn if those aren’t the first ladies opening up Oprah’s makeover links, Stacy London’s before and afters, and who, in the dark ages, always loved the little blurb that used to show up in the magazines “fashion do’s and don’ts.” So don’t tell me that if someone approached you on the street and offered you a gray head to boney bunion toe makeover, you wouldn’t knock your girlfriend out of the way to grab it!

Morning show makeover segments are the most watched segments next to the ‘buy this at 90% off’ segments.

What Not To Wear

What Not To Wear

There must be one a makeover a day in my inbox because of course, that is my business. Yes I am in the makeover business in case you haven’t been tuning in.

I am going to share a few results with you but first you need to understand the simplicity of this. Come on, you know me already, my posts are about helping you to help yourself. So I am certainly not going to dangle some million dollar Kim Kardashian, plastic surgery, Rodeo Drive, Chanel makeover in front of you.

I am going to show you the fabulous results, but I am also going to share the actionable items.

BernadetteMakeoverThese women were part of an event where they applied to be a makeover candidate. The application process included a questionnaire where in no less than 150 words they had to tell their story of why they want a makeover, what it would mean to them, what it might change in their life and what it might change when it came to their self esteem. For this event I had over 35 applications and after many hours of pondering and balancing, we had the 3 candidates.

From there it was a conversation, just the same as all incoming potential clients, where we talked about their daily life, their challenges and their hopes for their future. Then we got down to the nitty gritty. The plan, the 3-prong approach – hair, makeup and clothing. Sounds simplistic? Think about it. What happens tomorrow morning? You shower and then you take care of the hair, the makeup and the clothing! Could it really be that simple you ask? But yes, it is! It is just like baking a cake – well, just a bit. You need the ingredients, the pan and the oven – that’s it!

KarenMakeoverLet’s talk about the hair! Listen ladies, if you are bored with your hairdresser, he is bored with you. That’s a relationship that’s going nowhere! Go find a new dude or dudette to give you a new ‘do’! Someone with a fresh perspective, and let them go at it. Seriously, unless they are recommending a purple shag, no doubt you will be just fine, but you will be improved – a better color and a better cut!

Let’s talk makeup. When is the last time you dumped all of your makeup, brushes included, out on the counter and gave it a good once over for anything outdated, off color, dried out or just plain broken. This is another category of product where less is more. You really can be well made-up with an eye concealer, a bit of either liquid foundation or mineral powder, an eye pencil, a bit of eye shadow, some mascara and a lip-gloss. 6 things! The power of 6. Why then do we own around 66? Clean it up, pare it down and get your routine down to 10 minutes tops!

BeckyMakeoverNow on to the third component of your makeover – your outfit. We could talk the whole wardrobe, but remember we are working on a one day, well-priced makeover! So let’s just get one new outfit. If you are toying with the idea of engaging in a one-day makeover, no doubt you may have a special occasion coming up, so let’s dress for that! Perhaps a class reunion, a job interview, a blind date or a wedding. That pretty much narrows down the outfit choices. So what can we do that is different from how you have shopped for yourself in the past? Let’s actually pre-shop before you hop in the car. Start with a tape measure. Get those measurements written down so that when you pinpoint an item you are looking for you can check the size chart and land a better chance of ordering the right size rather than just taking the chance at being disappointed in the UPS man.

For these women I pre-shopped online before I met them in the store. That way we saved time, frustration and money and were able to have fun in the dressing room and zero in on items that were not only on their wish list, but items that fit, flatter and made them feel pretty. After all it’s all about the confidence!

Take a look at our ladies, checkout their smiles, look how they strutted their stuff and read the testimonial that one of them shared.

“I had so many people excited to see my results.  I am now a runway model at the early morning coffee break.  Everyone waits to see what I’ve put together.  I’ve even made new friends.  We passed in the halls every day and said hello but now it’s “I love that blouse, where did you get it” or “I love your hair”. The conversation just flows. This experience has changed more than my wardrobe.  I walk into a room with my head up now.  I ask myself…What would Doreen Dove say?  Head up! Girls locked and loaded! Fit, flatter, function!  My closet is starting to look like a department store.  It’s a long process but the closer I get the better I feel. It’s also starting to change other aspects of my life.  I’ve cleaned and organized my refrigerator then planned all my meals for the week. I’ve lost 5 lbs!  I don’t want to sound overly dramatic Doreen but I think this short time with you is changing my life.  I’m excited to see what else changes. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me Doreen.  Thank you for taking me on this magical ride.” 

No doubt you will be inspired to give yourself a mini makeover next Monday! Why not? The first step is to put yourself on your calendar. The rest is magic!

Need help, inspiration or guidance? Start here:

I look forward to future conversation as well as your before /after makeover reveal photos!

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