womaninwhiteSome women dread the season of white and some women love it. One thing we all have in common – we love the season of hot! Here are few ways to wear white AND look hot!

I held my first in a series of Signature Private Styling Workshops this week and the subject of color was a solid hour. The question of the hour, “Am I warm or cool?” The comment of the hour, “But I used to be…”

Here’s the color news, Carol – things change! Yes, you may have been a cool at 20-something but now you are a warm. Why? When we were 20 we were at our brightest with bright eyes and clear skin and our hair was more intense in color.

As we age we are not only losing pigments in our hair (going grey) but we are also losing pigments from our skin and eyes so we need to be softening the high intensity colors around our face otherwise the color wears us instead of us wearing the color. Now that may not necessarily mean you have jumped the fence from cool to warm, but there is the chance that you actually have, or that you have to change your ‘tone’ from bright to soft.

Getting back to the ‘color’ of the day, white, you probably already know white is a cool color and as a warm gal you may be wondering where does that leave you? Fear not, you are not left out in the cold!

Whether you are a cool or a warm, white can be worn!

WarmToneOnTopCool ladies – wear it anywhere – style with reckless abandon! Warm ladies; just keep the bright white away from your face! That means either wearing it on the bottom half of your body or balancing out the white by having the warm tones right at your neckline, so it softens the facial skin and hair color and harmonizes with your overall tone.

Here are a few white hot ideas for anyone’s bottom half!

When choosing the white bottom, first decide on these options:

  • Full length or crop
  • Dressy or casual
  • Fitted and sassy, or loose and flattering

4 White Pant Types

Whichever you choose – buyer beware of the following faux pas!

  • Choosing a fabric that is too thin – oh my – what a visual! What do we look at first, the undies, the pocket linings, the tags or the dimples?
  • When choosing your white shoes – beware of white heels! Always choose a natural heel like what I have loaded here so that you don’t end of with discoloration (grass or dirt stains).WhiteShoes
  • Lastly – try not to wear the two together if it is a heavy white shoe – it can be a bit of overkill! Try to do one or the other or pair the pant with a more delicate white shoe or sandal as shown above on Coral Carol!


Workshop1Still have questions about your style & color?

Check out my workshops.

And remember – dress with purpose and have fun with it!

If you need help, just outsource your style – you outsource everything else! As I always say – just get your ASK in gear!



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