Oohing and aahing as Robin Roberts interviewed the Oscar stars on the red carpet in their amazing dresses I had a brief fantasy moment. Could I wear some of those dresses please? Even if I could fit into them, where would I ever wear them?

We know Hollywood isn’t about reality – but we can’t help but think – what if we could wear one of those dresses just for one night? It’s the Hollywood trap — thinking that people actually wear these clothes. I admit to falling victim to a night at the Oscars fantasizing about wearing one of Oscar’s prized outfits. How fun would it be to try on a few of the amazing gowns and even wear them out on the town.

I would love to suspend reality a bit and play in Oscar’s closet — wouldn’t you?

If you could wear one of the Oscar dresses anywhere – which one would you wear and where would you wear it to?

I’m thinking the only chance I would ever have to don a facsimile of one of these gowns is for a super big event but gee – I can’t think of one on the near horizon. As a guest at my friends’ kids’ weddings – I don’t think an Oscar # equivalent would work at all. The only event I could even imagine dressing in a memorable treasure dress –could possibly be as a MOG (mother of the groom) –but that will have to wait.

So when fantasy and reality collide what does that look like?  Trying to be fair and not too critical — I really tried to imagine these dresses with small breasts and wider hips to fit my 50-something figure.  And when I slipped into one of these in my mind’s eye – I think I may have found 4 that I love.

Here are a few of my favorites from Oscar’s closet. I couldn’t  pick just one of these, I would love to try on Emma’s, Sienna’s, Cate’s and Laura’s.  Which ones do you want to wear?

Emma Stone at the Oscars 2015

Emma Stone

Sienna Miller at the Oscars 2015

Sienna Miller


Hannah Bagshawe

Robin Roberts 2015 oscars red carpet

Robin Roberts


Jennifer Aniston


Kerry Washington


Cate Blanchett


Laura Dern

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