When it comes to celebrities, nothing is off-limits. Every celebrity has the privilege to access the most amazing designer houses, limited edition clothing, and luxury accessories. It seems like bags get the biggest accent in a celeb’s everyday outfits, as well as glam, red carpet looks. We spotted a few famous women that stand out among the rest by their reputation of having a great taste for designer handbags in the celebrity world. Let’s go through the many bags of these fashionistas we all love.


Queen B is one of the most trendy celebs of all times. She nurtures her personal hipster-inspired style integrating some of the most remarkable luxury handbags. Louis Vuitton, Valentino, and Hermes are just some of her regular brand picks. Our favorite from her collection is the Balmain Busy Frame-Top Satchel. Source: http://being-glamorous.blogspot.mk/2011/04/beyonce-parisian-chic.html


Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

The cute twin sisters are pretty strong in their bag game. They co-design their line The Row, which has smashing pieces that will make you shed a tear or two. This duo is often seen rocking the dashing creations on many events. We love their new collection of leather handbags. Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2091966/Mary-Kate-Ashley-Olsen-promote-handbags-pricey-fashion-line-The-Row-JC-Penney-event.html


Gigi Hadid

Gigi’s impeccable style is goals. Her looks are chic and vibrant, always complemented by the trendiest designer bags. From Marc Jacobs’s outstanding designs, all the way to Yves Saint Laurent classics, she rocks it all. The one we adore – Diane von Furstenberg Secret Agent Bag. Source: https://www.pinterest.com/exarchou/gigi-hadid/


Jessica Alba

There isn’t an event that goes by without our amusement by the lovely Alba and her sense of high fashion. Even in everyday life, this bag-loving celebrity stuns us with the perfectly matched outfit combos and impressive designer handbags. She loves to switch up the styles and colors but always goes back to the crossbody mini bags. Some of her dearest brands are Ralph Lauren and Diane von Furstenberg. The one that stood out to us is the Chloe “Baylee” Tote.

Source: http://handbag.yournextshoes.com/2014/03/jessica-alba-chloe-baylee-tote/


Lauren Conrad

This reality TV star knows how to steal the spotlight and keep her career on track. Her bag collection is so extensive that it needs to be categorized in “Channel collection” and “All the other bags” collection. The Channel collection incorporates many signature bags like the Caviar Jumbo XL Weekender Tote and her favorite Classic Flap bag. From the rest of her handbags, we just love her CC Skye Lucy Bag. Source: http://coolspotters.com/cell-phones/blackberry-curve/photos_videos/13466#medium-13466



Victoria Beckham

It is not possible to talk about the best designer handbags without mentioning Victoria Beckham. This trendsetter has an addiction to high-end handbags especially Hermes. She also has her own line of luxury bags and flaunts them at many social events. Our favorite pick is the Hermes Kelly Bag. Source: http://deligentllc.com/j4loc3n-victoria-beckham-hermes-kelly-bag



Olivia Palermo

This gorgeous lady has a lust-worthy bag collection full of variety. Urban, feminine, filled with class and hip, Olivia’s style is something to look up to. Some of her favorite brands are Mulberry, Givenchy, Chloe Elsie, and of course, Dior. Our best-loved piece from her collection is the legendary Dior Miss Dior Shoulder Bag. Source: https://www.pinterest.com/cynstz/olivia-palermo-her-dior-bags/



Which is your favorite?


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