where 50 plus women get their newsAlways a news hound, my appetite for truly “current events” was satiated when CNN launched in 1980. I added cable news to my daily routine of The New York Times and the NBC nightly news with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric. Checking in with 3 sources (max) — I was satisfied and confident that I was fully informed.

As of 2016, I’m less confident about being “in the know.”  My news feeds are cluttered. Daily rituals are interrupted with new additions to my news roster — frankly, my routine is a mess. I’m overwhelmed and scrambling to keep up and have not decided on a “definitive” source. With so many places to check in for info, and a difficulty in teasing out real news from entertainment — I am in need of a strategy.

I decided to take this challenge to my boys who are both news hounds and live on their technology.

“Where do you guys get your news?” I asked.

“Let’s just say we aren’t turning to TV to give us our daily news. Of course, if there were a catastrophe and we were home, we would turn on the TV – but otherwise we’d go to the internet.”

“TV is not a reliable news source – it’s more entertainment than news”

The boys don’t buy newspapers or watch morning news shows unless they know someone who is on it or there is a link to a segment from You Tube.

“Time to make a list” I decided. I need to “modernize” my methods and streamline my feeds. Like many 50-somethings, we know that staying current is a hedge against aging out.

So I began my survey. I asked my boys, their friends and my friends as well – “where do you check in for your news?”

Every single answer was different. The medley of media sources was astounding. And, it’s no surprise, if you’re a “consistent conservative” your news selections will differ from mine as I am a “consistent liberal.” (Pew Research Center)

I wasn’t getting any closer to creating my short list.

I think the reason everyone’s media choices are so varied is because they can be. There’s something for everyone out there. So I did what I do best.

I inventoried my current favorites, added in some cool places from my research and ended up with a bigger mess than I’d started with.

Despite my failure to simplify my life (once again), I created a  media menu..

If you have any more sources you love to add to this list – please please share – we would all love to know.

Here’s what I love:

1. Sunday: I love the New York Times Sunday paper. It’s a luxury and environmentally not PC but it’s an indulgence I’m not ready to part with.

2. Daily Feed: New York Times online.

3. Morning TV: I alternate between the Today Show with Savannah and Matt and GMA’s Robin Roberts. MSNBC: Morning Joe if I’m up early: Joe and Mika are hyper-opinionated and I can only take them in small doses.

4. NPR for morning drives and dog walking

5. Twitter: My boys just coached me on this one. Although I follow a few faves on Twitter the best news feed is to click on “Moments” on the bottom of the Twitter app. Caution: it’s almost too much info but it’s got breaking news on every topic.

6. I love our BA50 FB page for videos and curated stories relevant to our peer group – I look at it every day and click & share. Our social media guru Mindy does a great job.

7. Email Feeds: If you haven’t seen The Skimm and Quartz try them. These are 2 great news summary sources. Skimm has a sassy tone that feels very female, which I love and Quartz is comprehensive and brilliant.

8. Gossip: I wait for my friends to send me links or tell me over coffee.

9. Google: My favorite verb. “Google It!” That’s what I do when I want more on anything at all.

What about you?




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