daisy bra“Where did you get that fabulous bra?”

I’ve been asked that question about 7 times in the last few days.  I’ve been wearing the same bra for years now, but it is when the weather starts warming up, when it is time to wear a tank top and let my shoulders and arms air out in the summer sun– that is when I always get bra compliments. Because the Daisy Bra LINK, by Marie Jo Avero has these adorable little daisies on the straps that are supposed to show.  And that is awesome.

The fact is, the Daisy bra is a great bra- and because it is so comfortable (as long as you are ok with underwire), it is my “Go To” bra not just for summer- but all year round. I bought my first one years ago at my favorite little lingerie store- Ladybird Lingerie on Nantucket island on vacation, but since then, I found the bra on Amazon, and we decided to feature it here LINK, on our Shop BA50 LINK.

So check out our ShopBA50 LINK…in addition to our Daisy Bra LINK, we feature other fabulous products — for your home, for gifts, for you– that we think are pretty awesome…and we are adding to it all the time!

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