This may sound a bit insensitive, but I was thrilled to see Rick Perry’s brain freeze at the Republican Presidential debate.  That was when he wanted to eliminate the Dept. of Energy but alas, couldn’t remember it’s name.

I have to admit that when I watched him stumped, stammering and searching to recall the name he had lost, I knew I was in familiar territory.

At the age of 38 I wandered the parking lot at Stratton Mountain after a day of skiing with my good friends. We carried our heavy skies and tired bodies around that parking lot, freezing, as 40 miles per hour winds blew us from row to row of parked cars. Where had I left that car eight hours earlier? No matter how hard I tried, I coudn’t remember.

Now over 50, I still suffer from car retrieval and I am very quick to think, it’s aging! So I was happy to read the New York Times article on Nov. 11th about “The Science Behind Perry’s Brain Freeze: All Too Human” If you missed this article and have have found yourself wandering parking lots or searching for that lost word that is at the tip of your tongue (if you could only remember!), you may find this helpful.’s%20brain%20freeze&st=cse

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