relationship dramaAs a young adult, the world is your oyster. There is so much to see and learn. This of course includes relationships. As you begin to meet people and date casually and then seriously, the possibilities seem endless. You can’t wait to get to know people and make connections.

Until, well, they don’t. You start to find out that there is a wide variety of people out there, and in fact there are some who while looking for love who also tend to bring drama along with them through the door. Being inexperienced, you are learning about dramatic people as you go. Many times you don’ t notice the drama first, or you think you can handle it. What is drama, you ask?

The guy who is too controlling over every little thing. The girl who can’t stop posting every little annoyance on Facebook and drags you into her over-posting. Ex-relationship drama, like an ex-girlfriend who won’t leave you two alone. Issues with money that bring drama into the relationship. Work drama that doesn’t stay at the office. And of course, good old fashioned jealousy. The list of drama is endless.

Whatever form the drama takes on, it seems to stick to certain people like glue, which means if you form a relationship with this person, you get to take part in the drama, too. The older you get, the more you realize this, and the more you want to run from drama as fast as possible. You just don’t want any part of the drama.

Here’s why as you get older, you just can’t let that drama into your life:

  • Drama Just Doesn’t Fit in Your Mature Life

When you were younger, you were learning about yourself and what you wanted. But that has changed over the years. Now you are set in your ways. You have a life plan now, and it doesn’t include worrying what your partner will do next or what catastrophe will blow up tomorrow. Maybe when you were younger you liked a little unpredictability, but now that you’re older you appreciate a little more consistency. You being in control of your own fate. Goodbye, drama, and good riddance.

  • You’ve Learned a Few Things About Relationships

Over the years, you’ve dated extensively. Through that time, you’ve been through drama in relationships before, and you found that you just don’t like it one bit. It’s confusing, it’s frustrating, and it hurts. Also, you have learned that drama in relationships has a way of messing with every facet of your life. It’s totally not for you. You’re ok avoiding it for life.

  • You’ve Learned a Few Things About Yourself

The older you get, the more you realize what you are made of. You’ve been through good times and bad, and you’ve developed skills along the way. You know who you are now, and you are confident in you as a person. You don’t need a dramatic person coming in and messing with that. Because you know you are worth more than that. You are worthwhile and don’t need to settle for someone who has drama baggage. Also, you also know that you like peace and quiet. You’re not about to let someone disturb your peace and quiet. Drama and you don’t mix.

  • You Don’t Have Time for Drama

You have a job, a family, friends, an exercise regimen—your schedule is pretty full. You simply don’t have time to deal with drama in a relationship. The older you get, the more you realize how limited your time is, and how you have to choose what to spend time on. A dramatic relationship simply isn’t on your To Do list. There are a million things you’d rather do than deal with drama.

  • You Don’t Have the Energy for Drama

Let’s face it, you’re not as young as you used to be. Your energy has decreased over the years. But decreased energy is certainly not a bad thing, for you are more choosey with what you decided to give your energy to. And drama is definitely not on the menu. That’s why the older you get, when you see a possible relationship coming your way, you always evaluate any possibilities for drama. The person may be amazing, but the drama is a definite deal-breaker. Being older definitely means you have more wisdom.

  • You Realize Most Drama is Unfixable

You used to have the notion that you could fix any drama that headed your way. But what you didn’t realize is that some people like their drama and don’t want to give it up. For some reason, they like the turmoil that drama creates. So their drama is basically unfixable. They certainly love being “rescued” from their drama, but then they get hooked on the whole cycle. After being on that train, you are ready to get off. Why waste time on something that can’t be fixed? The older you get, the more you want to be where you are actually needed and valued.


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