With a 30 year career in the financial arena, Beverlee Harbour Gopp’s world was turned upside-down when the lender she worked for closed their doors without notice. The 52-year-old San Diego, CA resident went on countless interviews, sent out hundreds of resumes and became angry and depressed with numerous rejections.

When her savings and retirement ran out, the only calls of interest came from bill collectors. Which led to her defining moment. “That’s when I basically stepped into roles I’ve coveted since high school — helping people through motivation and inspiration,” she says.

After two years of training and practice, she became a life coach, wrote a book about gratitude (gotta love the title: Choose Gratitude Not Attitude Even When Sh*t Hits the Fan!) and started tapping into her many creative talents. She now sells products that she’s created at Farmers Markets all over San Diego as well as at area street fairs.

Her love of a microphone has also led to motivational speaking. Currently she is working with two other women (who have also reinvented themselves) to create A Woman’s Forum www.awomansforum.net, an all day workshop to serve, support, and inspire women.

“I feel like I’ve connected back to who I wanted to be in high school and even though I’m not earning a six-figure income, I’m happier, healthier and passionate about my purpose,” she says.

Her advice for other women in a similar boat? Follow your heart as that will lead you to your purpose which will bring you the most happiness. “When we feel trapped with a lack of financial resources or even judgment from others, we stay stuck and continue to play small – not growing into the warrior women we are meant to be,” she says. “As most of us are nurturers by nature start with volunteering to motivate and inspire others. This often leads to connections which result in significant gain.”

Above all, come back to gratitude. “It’s the easiest way to step out of anger, resentment, fear and negativity.”

For more information, go to www.WalkingInTheNow.com.

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