I have a friend who loves to make spread sheets of her projects. I am awestruck by this. If I were to hire a personal assistant, that would be my first interview question?
“Have you ever made a spread sheet to organize yourself?”

Our BA50 web master loves to put lists together on google docs and work weeks ahead. I prefer to text her when I need something. She’s been trying to retrain me but after 6 years I’m surprised she hasn’t give up on me.

I work best when I am unencumbered by small micro tasks. They hold me back. The busy work fatigues me and my creativity comes to a halt.

My best thinking happens when I am on my bike, in the car, on a walk or talking to someone who is also a free styling thinker. I love sitting at the kitchen counter with my laptop, bright windows to stare out of, piles of stuff easily ignored nearby. Typing, writing, thinking, creating. It turns out I am a creative type.

I read this article in the Huffington Post, “18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently,” and it was a perfect description of my working style.

“Nietzsche believed that one’s life and the world should be viewed as a work of art. Creative types may be more likely to see the world this way, and to constantly seek opportunities for self-expression in everyday life.

As we grow our business and look to bring on new people, I have had to think about what I love to do and do well, and what I need from others who I work with. It has moved me to look more closely at what I am not good at and should give up and how to make space to do more of what I love.

“What’s your process?”  I asked Geraldine Brooks, one of my favorite authors.

“How do you do your research, where do you start, do you write every day?”

Her answer was not surprising. She sits each morning at her desk, at home, and that is her work time. That’s how she gets it done. She clears her space and begins.

I am always seeking a better way to organize my process in order to be more productive.

My best work is when I get up at 5 or 6 am and start writing immediately. That’s when my brain is clear. It is creative time and if I use that time to “plan my day” I am not able to create. The details of the planning get in the way of thinking. So I try to just write and keep the details at bay.

But the reality is, as lovely and joyful as this creative process is…the piles of paperwork are piling up. This is why I wish I had someone who likes to make spread sheets at my side. I can only imagine how much more I could accomplish with such a helper.

The job site Monster.com, has a great list to determine people’s work style. I love this list because it gets right into someone’s personality. I think it’s important to know how you work best because time is flying, and why not do what you love in a way that feels just right for you.

1. Do You Like to Work Autonomously or Collaboratively?

How would you answer this?

I’m a collaborator, an extrovert, and my creative process is elevated through sharing and brainstorming. And then, I need quiet. Total quiet to get the work done.

Oh and what about question #5?

5. Do You Plan Your Day?

There’s no surprise that the truth is… ” People who plan their days typically get more done.”

I am no longer losing sleep thinking about my “to do list.” Actually I don’t even have to look at it because the piles in my bedroom of projects are in full view. The planning process for the day is something that takes huge discipline and not a “natural” part of my process but I make myself do it so I can harness time. I would not be hired as the office manager of a business.

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