I admit it, I have a sneaker obsession. I try to get to the mailbox before anyone in my family sees another box arriving. Please oh please – I hope the Adidas come in a brown box, not a blue box with the logo.

Smack in the middle of the WFH/COVID 19/AM I EVEN GETTING DRESSED TODAY summer, sneakers are the perfect comfort footwear when flip flops don’t give enough support and sandals are too dressy. So, what’s my go to sneaker of the summer? Or shall I say go to’s, as I can never pick just one. I definitely love white sneakers for the summer.

Here are my top picks for classic summer kicks:

Converse – Converse are a staple sneaker and have been for years. They come in a multitude of colors and never go out of style. This year I chose white with a slight platform heal to give me height.

Converse Shoes

Retail price $64.95

Adidas Stan Smith – No closet is complete without a pair of Adidas Stan Smiths. They can be worn with jeans, shorts, dresses – there is nothing they can’t be worn with. Just google celebrities wearing Stan Smiths and for sure, your favorite celebrity will be pictured. Here’s mine:

Stan Smith Shoes

Retail price $80.00

Soludas – I am a product of the 70s and love rainbows. When I saw these sneakers last summer, I just had to have them. And I really do wear them with everything. As if the rainbow and sunshine weren’t enough, they say GOOD VIBES on the back.

Rainbow Wave Sneaker

Retail price $80.00

Nike Air Force 1 – nothing gives you street cred like Nike Air Force 1s. They now come in a variety of colors, but I love my all white ones.

Nike Air Force Ones

Retail price $80.00

My Nike Air Max 270s were kind of out there for me. I chose white and black with a floral pattern and I love them for walking around the city. Check out some of the crazy color combos or design your own:

Nike Air max 270Retail price $170.00

No matter what you are doing this crazy summer, you too can experience the joy of the box with the new white sneakers arriving in your mailbox!

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