womanpajamasFirst off, let me start with – did you notice this is a question? Questions like answers, so be sure to comment below – no doubt we are going to gather some interesting responses.

So what’s in your pajama drawer? (Please – battery operated inventory not included). This is always the drawer that clients keep a lid on when we are doing a wardrobe edit, no doubt for multiple reasons. The main one being that women accumulate and wear what amounts to rags to bed! The old syndrome, someone else always comes first! So what do I wear to bed? Personally, I jump from item to item but they all have a few common denominators. Yes, I readily admit there are favorites like my super soft, worn thin, Pink Floyd T. What? You were expecting something a tad more fashionable just because I am in the biz? Actually I think choosing between Pink Floyd and Barbara Streisand is a fashion statement in itself.

But as women there are so many factors that affect a good or bad nights sleep. Let’s talk night sweats, hot flashes, tossing, turning, visits to the powder room and more. And for those of you who are lucky enough to be engaging in the ‘more’ – Victoria’s Secret is probably all the advice you need.

For those of us who want comfort (from what I read, that’s all of us) and a bit more luxury than our worn out concert T’s, it’s time to take note.

Just like all of my other ‘category’ advice, sleepwear is a category. And yes Dorothy, it is a different category than loungewear. Most of us can lounge in just about anything, but try wrangling with that extra fabric that has a chokehold on you at 2am. Seriously, I think I have actually reached for the scissors in the nightstand to set myself free!

Let’s consider what annoys the hell out of you before we figure out what might please you. For us BA50’s this is quite the list.

Anything too tight – anywhere – around the neck, the armpit, the waist, the crotch, the breasts – mind you I did say anywhere.

Anything that is too loose because before you know it you have rolled over more than once and you are swaddled in what seems to be a Turkish towel! Another scissor moment.

Anything with buttons – seriously – are there any other stomach sleepers out there? The last thing you want are buttons digging into your ribcage.

Pockets – there should be an age limit to going to bed with Kleenex stuffed in your pockets or up your sleeves.

Anything belted – unless of course you are practicing your skills learned from 50 Shades.

Fabric that is too heavy or itchy – how do you spell dry skin – who needs additional Emory board action in bed?

Let’s define Sleepwear by type – I have loaded some options from Soma.

We’ll start with my favorite; after all it is my post…

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.48.59 PMSleep shirts –A sleep shirt is a garment intended for wear while sleeping – duh. It is longer than most regular shirts, reaching down to the thighs or below the knees leaving some of the legs uncovered. It is generally loose fitting to avoid restricting the wearer’s movement while sleeping.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.41.31 PMA nightgown – a loosely hanging longer gown which may or may not have sleeves – a favorite of the older set who seems to be beyond hot flashes, keeps the thermostat at 32 degrees and puts their jams on right after Wheel Of Fortune.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.35.07 PMPajamas or PJs – Loose fitting, two-piece garments which could vary in sleeve length and bottom length – long or short.

I recommend you throw open your pajama drawer, take a good hard look at what you are wearing or holding onto, and then do a cleanse. Old PJ’s make perfect polishing rags – just take off the buttons!

Then take a peruse through the online options that are available. Don’t be a victim of the old T-shirt syndrome or a victim of the ugly Christmas gifts. Sleeping should be a peaceful, well-crafted event. Your skin should be cuddled in soft, luxurious, comfortable fabrics. Next week – assess your sheets!

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