article-2611594-1D51340000000578-903_634x690Ever met someone and you think you are looking at Dolly Parton, Stevie Nicks or possibly even Elvis?

How did I do? Did you actually visualize those three characters?

Now, what if we met them just as they got out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel? How did I do? Are you visualizing Dolly’s curves or did you go straight to a young buff fresh out-of-the-army Elvis? Obviously, I went there.

My point being, talent aside – these ‘characters’ are characters in your mental memory mostly because of their appearance, their wardrobe, their costume. As a result of their choices we see them through the lens that they created for us. “Dolly” evokes a vision of a lofty chest, teensy waist, big hair and a big voice. steviepinterest“Stevie” pulls up a vision of long hair, long skirts, lots of black and a banjo as an accessory. “Elvis” brings jumpsuits top of mind complete with ballooning bell-bottoms, rhinestones and mega belts.

What vision do you leave behind? If your name were mentioned, what are we going to think of? Hopefully ~ a beautiful spirit, shining eyes and a glimmering smile are the first things we conjure up.

But… after that? Well that’s all up to you. We are only going to envision you in the costume memory that you created, the cover that you don as your personal cloak. Perhaps you are the sweater girl, the heels-too-high for daywear gal, the how-does-she-pull-it-together everyday employee, the uptight bun lady in the outdated navy suit, the mom with the butt bling shinier than her teenage daughters, the woman with the slight frame and the 40-pound shoes, the impeccably dressed grocery shopper or the ‘I thought she was so much older than that gal’.

elvispinterestPerhaps we have just met you, what is the conversation in the car, “Do you remember that woman tonight who”….who what? Those that you meet can only form the impression that you have cared to present them with.

Why should you care about your image? The way you present yourself has a profound impact on your relationships and your career. The old adage, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” really only applies to books because unfortunately you are judged by your cover, your appearance, your personal hygiene, your wardrobe, your costume.

Life is sometimes like a Broadway play. When that curtain opens on stage and the actor appears, you immediately form an opinion of her based on her wardrobe or her costume. You don’t have the option of stripping her down to see how fabulous she is as a person. You formed your judgment immediately within 20 seconds.

If you’re a professional, every second counts, from the interview to the daily job, the networking, the meetings and the potential for advancement. Many entrepreneurs who are building a business through networking and referrals know how important every component of branding is, right down to your LinkedIn profile picture and your business cards. That first impression lasts forever.

But life is not just about the firsts, it is a continuous play, one that you have to dress for daily.

Life is challenging, but we have to get dressed!

So be sure to check what is in your costume closet so you are prepared for more than Holiday dressing. Don’t be caught being known as the witch socks gal, the ugly Christmas sweater gram or the 4th of July flag lady.

As always please comment below, good, bad or indifferent and remember I am not only trying to offer friendly fashion advice but also a morning chuckle as you pull out of your driveway on your broom today!



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