Ready to sharpen the brain during Covid? Ready to escape the brutal newscasts and the reality of our self-isolation for a few hours? Well, let me tell you, I have found a card game on line that is a godsend…Cannasta Junction.

Two years ago I had never even played Cannasta but my summer friends taught me. Each week we would play, have cocktails and laugh. Competition mattered but so did gabbing. I began to understand how generations of card players coveted their weekly games. I was all in!

As of February all bets were off in the real time card rooms and at our living room card tables. Living in quarantine meant no more hanging with our buddies laughing during an afternoon of Cannasta. But, that didn’t stop us.

We embraced our new found App, and once downloaded, we became Cannasta Junction tech nerds overnight. So what if we can’t work our TV remotes, all is not lost. We have managed to sign into private portals with passwords and embrace the rules of the Cannasta tech heads catapulting through tech hurdles we never though possible.

For 2 hours I join 3 friends on my new favorite Cannasta Junction (CJ) App, and immerse. “OMG, I do this while living in Florida during Covid! Who am I?”

While I’m escaping on CJ, my husband is playing Fun Bridge, that’s the name of his Bridge App. He’s playing against my sister and his best buddy and who knows and he finds it to be a great escape while sharpening the old “saw.” Parallel play never felt so good.

We all talk about how life has changed since we began self-isolating. Embracing technology is definitely one key shifts in my life as my screen time has been extended (if that is even possible). But, CJ is one of those times I do not feel isolated, I feel connected and content and I am grateful for that!

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