June of ArcHey Kids, are you looking for something REALLY special for your Mom for Mother’s Day?

Will you forget to buy a Mother’s Day Card until the last minute….when all the good ones are gone?

Are you looking for a gift from the heart that won’t make a dent in your wallet?

We are making it easy for you this year!   Show your mom that you can use your head and your heart, that she has raised an awesome kid, and that you know exactly what she wants.  Without hurting a tree or spending a dime, you can post your special sentiment to your mom in the comment section below, and invite her to read it.  Introduce her to BA50- she will love it!   Take it from us- we know moms, because we ARE moms- she will be thrilled with a little public adoration!  Your mom can share your post with the world and her friends.  Give your mom a reason to gloat!   Ages 18 to 80 invited to write in (500 word limit.) Feel free to post a picture of you and your mom when you register.

Here’s a few ideas/questions to get you writing:

What Up With Mom? 

When She’s at her best, my mom is ____________?

My mom is funniest when ____________?

I just wish Mom would _________________?

My most is most annoying when __________________?

My mom’s Cooking is   ____________?


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