DogInRaincoatGene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds did it best.

This week in the Northeast we had some pretty torrential downpours and I have to admit to a major fashion faux pas. I had an early morning dog grooming appointment 8 miles from my home, yes 8-miles away, what we do for our dogs!

Not only did I not want to venture out, but my Sadie girl didn’t either! So knowing I had some out door coaxing to do, I defaulted to my Lulus and my rain slicker and then I put on my ever so colorful sneaks and hopped in the car. I pulled out of the garage and got halfway down the street and literally shouted out loud – what an idiot! There were 4-inch puddles out there and my fashionable knee-high pair of rubber rain boots were still sitting in the closet! What was I saving them for? I jacked my car into reverse and backed all the way up the street into my driveway (my daughters always said I drove better in reverse). What? Can I put that on my Uber resume?

I ran in, changed, and returned as Sadie looked at me as if I had gone back into the house just to get her a cookie – sorry girl – no cookie, just puddle duckers.

The point being, we all have items in our arsenal that would be serving us very well if only we remembered that we had them, however remain stuck in our routine of only wearing 15% of what we own. Let’s take stock right now of how prepared you either already are, or are not, when it comes to the upcoming spring showers!

Come on ladies, it is a short list – 3 things!

  1. A raincoat or a slicker depending on who you are and what you do outside in the elements. If you are in a carpool line or dashing to the grocery store, a shorter rain slicker might do you just fine. If you are a city gal dressed to the nines, then a longer raincoat is necessary to prolong the life of your beautiful city duds!

L&T Trench Coats

L&T Helly Hansen

  1. Rain boots, short or tall – your call again! If you are putting some miles in just getting from the subway to the office, I recommend the tall boots – nothing is worse than muddy hosiery, or wet pant bottoms. And yes you are allowed to fold your pants inside the boot just to get from point A to point B. Sometimes looking a tad geeky is actually the smart way to go! If your commuting is just jumping in and out of the car, perhaps a shorter boot would do.

L&T rainboots

  1. A new umbrella – and not the ugliest one that you can find! People think we should only pay $5.00 for an umbrella – what is that – Manhattan brainwashing? Pull a few more George Washington’s out of your wallet and buy something stylish, substantial and sturdy! That way you will treat it with respect as opposed to thinking of it as a disposable commodity.

L&T Totes

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