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Despite the fact that Mother Nature continues to laugh at us, and the plow man is laughing all the way to the bank this month (seriously, I could have bought an entirely new designer wardrobe for the money I just spent to have a snow-free drive and walkway…) Spring is indeed around the corner, and that means romance, and probably a few weddings, are on the calendar.

Ahh, the beauty of a Spring wedding.  The birds, the flowers, the warm gentle breezes…wait…rewind…after this Winter, who knows what’s in store for the balmy months of April and May.  But if you have a Spring wedding on the calendar it’s not too early to think about what to wear.

Dressing for a wedding isn’t the easiest thing to do.  The rules have changed – yes, it’s OK to wear black – no, it’s never OK to wear white unless you’re the bride – and even that sartorial rule is open for debate.  It seems that all major Spring fashion events, like weddings, Easter and Passover, are marketed to people who live below the Mason-Dixon line.  Did you ever notice that Easter outfits are all chiffon and pastel, which look ridiculous when the thermometer isn’t budging past 40.

To take advantage of the festive nature of a Spring wedding, while holding true to your own fluctuating body barometer – and that of the weatherman – don’t be afraid to layer.  A dress with a matching or separate jacket is always a good bet.  You can add or subtract as needed based on the venue and changing weather conditions.  If the event is formal, look for a dress or skirt with some structure to it.  Think heavier fabrics like a lined silk or cotton blend.  For a more casual affair, you can be a bit more floaty and loose in your fabric choices.

Florals in rich vibrant hues (think lilacs and peonies) look wonderful in the context of a Spring wedding, as do bold prints (which are on trending, according to the recent New York Fashion Week) and colored lace.  All of these can be easily layered with a jacket or elegant cardigan, or chase off the chill air with a pashmina in a luscious color.

Here are my choices for dresses for a Spring wedding – all of which are flattering, age appropriate (God I hate that term!) and can be dressed up or down according to the dictates of the invitation:

Issa London Wrap Dress $425 at FarFetch.com

Issa London Wrap Dress $425 at FarFetch.com

Matthew Williamson Silk Dress $1,005 at StyleBop.com

Matthew Williamson Silk Dress $1,005 at StyleBop.com


Peter Pilotto for Target $39.99 at NetAPorter.com

Peter Pilotto for Target Crepe Sheath $39.99 at NetAPorter.com

Bottega Veneta Silk Halter Dress $225 at Shop-Hers.com

Bottega Veneta Silk Halter Dress $225 at Shop-Hers.com

And don’t forget, if the wedding gift has depleted your fashion budget, check out Rent The Runway for an amazing selection of occasion dresses that you can rent for slightly more than the price of valet parking.

As with any festive event, the most important thing to wear is a comfortable pair of shoes and a big smile.  It’s a party after all, and remember, people are really only going to be looking at the bride!


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